This morning I woke up and was having a look at the messages in one of the WhatsApp Groups and made a response to a video which was sent on the group and just made a long press on the message I sent, I found some new things WhatsApp was showing me :

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  • The People whom the message is successfully delivered with the time it got Delivered.
  • The People who have the read the Message I’ve sent with the time they Read the Message.
  • The Number of People who are yet to received.

Then I had a look at the FAQ Page of WhatsApp and found that the Latest version of WhatsApp now allows people to check the group members who have received the message, whom the message has got delivered, who are yet to receive the messages. Many people are still confused, How to know the above things.

How to Find the People Who Have Received/Read the Message in WhatsApp Group?

The Steps are very simple but How could people follow it unless they know how to do that, All people aren’t tech savvy about the technologies and Tech stuffs, so these steps are written just for people like them. Follow it and you will be able to know the direction in which your Message has traveled, I mean how many people have read your message, how many people have received your Message in the group and how many people are yet to receive your message!

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Steps to Find the People who have received the message in WhatsApp Groups.

WhatsApp Group Message

  • Update WhatsApp to the Latest Version (Ignore this step if you already have a Latest version installed)
  • Open the WhatsApp Group
  • Send a Message, or go to the previously sent message.
  • Long Press the Message, The Message will get selected.
  • On the Top-Right Hand Corner you will find some 4 icons, Click on the First icon which resembles to the info
  • On clicking the info button, you will get the information of the message, the information would consist of people who have read your message, the people whom the messages has got delivered and the list of people who have not yet received the message.

Was that tough? Well but note one thing you can only find the details of the message you’ve sent and not the messages sent by other Friend of yours.

How to Stop People From Seeing Whether You’ve Read the Group Message On WhatsApp?

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Well, It’s simple, Just don’t update to the Latest version of WhatsApp and if you’ve already updated to the Latest update then Download the Previous Version of WhatsApp and install it in your Phone or you can also install WhatsApp+ which is a mod of WhatsApp App and Get Rid of people knowing whether you’ve received the message or not!

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