Cisco 210-250 SECFND is the first of two exams that are required in order to receive the CCNA CyberOps certification. The testis designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of candidates regarding the basics of cybersecurity. It also checks the core skills that are required to understand more advanced associate-level resource materials in the second exam for the credential. It is important to mention that this first test, Cisco 210-250, Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals, is a prerequisite for the more advanced second one, Cisco 210-255SECOPS (Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations). This means you should pass 210-250 SECFND before proceeding to the second exam.

Overview of Cisco 210-250 Exam

This SECFND exam is made up of 55-65 questions, and the test takers have 90 minutes for its completion. The test is available in the English and Japanese languages. It is designed to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of basic principles and cybersecurity, as well as the core skills required to understand the associate-level materials in the SECOPS exam. There are some specific objectives that the individuals must develop competence in before attempting the 210-250 certification test. These objectives make up the exam questions. It is important to mention that the highlighted topics below are general guidelines designed for the test contents. However, there may be some other areas that are related to the exam and they may appear during the specific test. This means that the applicants need to study beyond the topics enumerated on the certification page. The exam objectives, as highlighted by Cisco, are as follows:

  • Network Concepts – 12%
  • Attack Methods – 21%
  • Host-Based Analysis – 19%
  • Security Concepts – 17%
  • Cryptography – 12%
  • Security Monitoring – 19%

It is important to mention that these topics also have subtopics that include everything that needs to be learnt. To know more about all of them, visit the certification webpage.

Preparation Options forCisco 210-250 Exam

There are different options of preparation that the candidates can choose. The option you opt for usually depends largely on your schedule, preparation pattern, and budget. If you are a busy professional, for instance, you might not be able to go through some preparation options such as the classroom training. Additionally, if you don’t have a budget for a training course, you won’t be able to take it. The bottom line is that whenever you are ready to prepare for your test, consider all the options available to you in relation to your current work, financial capacity, and study capability at that time.

In this certification guide, we will explore the different preparation options that are available forthe test takers.

  • Classroom Training

This form of preparation is very helpful. This is because you are learning directly from a seasoned professional who has an extensive understanding of what the test requires and how to go about answering the questions. This training is a face-to-face prep option, and you have the opportunity to ask your instructor questions about the exam and receive the answers on the spot. The only downside to this way is that it is not flexible. There is a specific period when the training takes place and most times, you might not be able to take off time from work to attend such training. However, if you have the opportunity to attend one, you should give it a serious thought.

  • E-Learning

This is the option that is common among busy professionals. You can learn at your pace. It is flexible, and you can take online training course from the comfort of your home or office. For the e-learning prep option, there are numerous platforms available to you to access the training. Distance is not a barrier. You need onlytheInternet connection and your computer. It is also cost effective because you can get a lot from some reputable online websites such as Examsnap.

  • Book Resources

Books are also an effective preparation option, especially if you can dedicate enough time to read them. You might want to consider getting one or two study guides to help you with your exam preparation. Check the certification page for a review of the recommended resources.

  • Exam Labs

The Cisco 210-250 exam requires that the candidates display some level of expertise on practical aspect of the test. To equip you with the ability to answer questions in this area, it is recommended that you improve your skills with some hands-on lab environment. Cisco offers different lab environments where the individuals can practice. They include Cisco Modeling Labs. Browse the official website for more information.

  • Practice Tests

Irrespective of how much training courses you take or books you study, if you don’t take enough time to work on practice tests before you write your exam, you might actually have serious issue. Practice tests help you develop competence in your test taking ability and it also helps you understand the style and pattern of the questions. Examsnap offers comprehensive and real-life questions that guarantee your success in your certification exam. You might want to check out the site to see all the amazing resources available there.


Preparing for an exam is not easy but the end result justifies your hard work. Cisco is a popular vendor, and it is prestigious to have its credentials. To succeed in the tests, go through the above mentioned preparation methods and choose the perfect option that fits into your study style. You might use more than one approach for your preparation. When you complete your courses and books, the next step is to write the exam. Remember that you must register and schedule your test at Pearson VUE. Choose the section ‘Proctored Exams’ and provide the exam code – Cisco 210-250. From this point, follow the instructions one by one to register for your SECFND test.

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