Smartphones play an important role in the life of people these days, Previously we had alarms to wake us up, but now we have Alarms with many features in our Smartphones which wakes us up. The use of Smartphones and time spent using the Smartphone is increasing day-by-day. With the Rapid increase in the usage of Smartphones Emberify has come up with an Android App in the form of “Instant” which tracks the time you spend using your Smartphone.

What is ‘Instant’ ?

instant android app

Instant is an Android app which tracks the time you spend on your Android phone and also keeps a track on the number of times you unlocked your Smartphone. Besides the above mentioned functionality’s it also keeps a log of the time spent on your Phone. So in case you are trying to decrease your Smartphone addiction level you can also track whether the addiction is decreasing or not!

Who Should Use Instant?

Well, there are no such restrictions but the ‘Instant Android App’ is recommended for the people who are willing to track the time spent using their mobile phone. In one line the one who is willing to track the time spent using their Mobiles and wants to reduce it are recommended to use this App. As this app does all the work automatically, it only records the time when you are using the device, besides it also shows the lock count which also shows how many times you unlocked your Phone for different purposes be it reply to messages, call a friend or do whatever.

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Instant Android App comes with great features and very attractive material UI which makes you to Love the app design and it helps you analyse the time spent, so that if you feel you are wasting more amount of time using your Mobile Phone then you can work out something to reduce the usage. The app would soon come up with many new Features and in-app purchases mode would also come soon inside the App.

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