Xposed Framework helps in Tweaking your Android Smartphone to the best, It has lots of Modules which can tweak, boost the performance and solve many problems your Android Smartphone is facing. The Android Lollipop update comes in with lots of variations internally and many changes in the appearance also, because of the Internal changes and unlocking of lots of APIs the Xposed Framework was not available for the latest Android Lollipop OS.


The unavailability of Xposed Framework for the Android Lollipop OS made many users feel empty while using their Smartphones, However, the Official Xposed Framework is live for the Android Lollipop OS now. Yes! you can tweak your Android Lollipop OS by installing the very loved Xposed Framework. Without wasting a second more, lets begin with the steps to install the Xposed Framework in Android Lollipop OS.

How to Install Xposed Framework in Android Lollipop OS.

Beginning with the steps let me tell that since the Framework is under development, you will be installing the Xposed Framework Alpha and there might be some bugs which you may come across, you may post the bugs in the form of comments, and we would try our best to solve them and help you out. So let’s begin with the steps to Install the Xposed Framework on Lollipop OS.

Things Required : 

  • Rooted Android Phone with Android Lollipop OS installed.
  • Internet Connection (to download the below listed files)
  • Xposed Installer 3.0 Alpha – Download
  • Xposed Bridge API 2015
  • Xposed ARM 2015

Step 1 : Download the above mentioned Files.

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Download the Above mentioned files (Links are provided above) and transfer them to the Internal Storage or SD Card of your Phone in which you are to Install Xposed Framework. Do store it to the outermost folder so that you can access them at an ease on your Phone.

Step 2 : Reboot into Recovery Mode.

Well, it was already said that it requires access to root, so if you are not having a rooted Phone then do root your Phone and then reboot into recovery mode. Depending on the model/brand, the ways to boot into recovery mode would differ. In case you don’t know the key combinations to boot into recovery mode then follow : Reboot into Recovery Mode without pressing key combinations

After transferring the downloaded files into your Phone’s internal storage or SD Card storage and rebooting into recovery mode, depending on the recovery installed, the options would change. So the basic steps would be clicking on “Install Zip” and selecting “Xposed-Arm.zip” and installing it. the Flashing process would begin and within some time the “Xposed ARM” would be flashed to your Smartphone, once it completes flashing the Phone would reboot or you can reboot it manually (once it gets flashed)

Step 4 : Install “Xposed Installer_3.0 Alpha APK File”

Once you install the Xposed ARM file from the recovery and reboot the Phone to normal mode, go to the File manager and install the “Xposed Installer 3.0 APK File” like you install any normal android app manually. So that’s it you’ve successfully installed the Xposed Framework in a Phone operating on Android Lollipop.

Since this is an Alpha version of the Xposed Framework, you might face some issues, in case you face some do post out here so that we can work on it and find a solution to the problem being faced. If you are a Samsung user using Stock Android Lollipop, you might face boot loop issues, so don’t try installing unless you are ready to face it or you can overcome it. That’s all folks!

Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen nor the Author would be responsible for any damages that might/may take place while or after installation of the Xposed Framework in an Android Lollipop based Smartphone/Tablet/Phablet.

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  1. hi i hve done the setup and i had download a modul and done soft reboot from the xposed framework well its working fine but i cant get signal in my phone ist showin nosignal im using a lg g3 running cm 12 pls help me to find out a solution

  2. Did you try switching your Network? If you tried that and still you are not getting the network then do ping the name of the Module you installed. However, you can try uninstalling, the module and check it!

  3. I did the above mentioned steps but when i open the xposed installer and go to framework it is showing ” installation is only possible manually via recovery”.

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