How to Install WhatsApp on Remix OS 2.0 ?

WhatsApp For Remix OS

Remix OS 2.0 is brings the Google’s open source operating system i.e. Android OS on your Computer system. The Remix OS 2.0 is yet to launch, but it was leaked two days back and a lot of people have the OS installed in their bootable USB drives. Different OS platforms have different way of getting it installed.

WhatsApp For Remix OS

On the other hand WhatsApp is an awesome instant messenger which helps in exchanging conversations via Texts and WhatsApp Calls. The Remix OS 2.0 has the Google Playstore but WhatsApp can’t be installed on the Remix OS 2.0, that’s the reason why I’m writing this post.


Don’t have the Remix OS 2.0 installed? I’ve created two guides for Windows & Mac users and on following them they will be able to make Remix OS 2.0 work on their Laptops/Desktops/PC. Below are the links:

One of the common questions users who haven’t installed Remix OS 2.0 or the ones who have installed the Remix OS 2.0 are looking for steps to install WhatsApp on Remix OS 2.0. Since WhatsApp can’t be downloaded to Remix OS via Play store because the WhatsApp Developers doesn’t allow it, to use it on Remix OS, It has to be side loaded.

How to Install WhatsApp on Remix OS 2.0?

Step 1: Download WhatsApp

I’ve already mentioned that WhatApp can’t be downloaded from the Play Store on Remix OS, that’s the reason why you will have to download the WhatsApp APK file.

[button color=”” size=”large” type=”square” target=”” link=”″]Download WhatsApp APK File for Remix OS[/button]

Step 2: Install the WhatsApp APK on Remix OS.

Once downloaded, it will show in the download manager. Click on the App Drawer and look for Download manager. Alternatively Windows users can click on the Windows ICON on their keyboard and type “Download” and open the Download manager and click on WhatsApp.

Unable To Install WhatsApp on Remix OS - Blocked Installation

While installing the APK, a popup with a message saying you are not allowed to install apps from Unknown sources. Change the settings and allow “App Installation” from unknown sources.

Again go to Download manager and look for WhatsApp and click on it, It will begin with the WhatsApp APK install on Remix OS - Permissions Pageinstallation of WhatsApp on the OS. This is similar to the permissions which we see while side loading android apps using their APKs.

It will ask for some permissions accept those permissions and that’s it you will see WhatsApp is installed on your Remix OS 2.0. On opening WhatsApp you might see an alert saying: “Tablets are not supported”, ignore that and you will see screen which comes for the first time while you open WhatsApp

Step 3: Sign in to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp on Remix OS 2.0

Once WhatsApp starts you will have to enter your number and verify that the number you are using belongs to you and that’s it, you’ve completed signing in on WhatsApp and now send a text to a Friend of yours. That’s all for now! Faced any issues with installing WhatsApp on Remix OS 2.0? Just push your issue here!


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