Previously we shared How to install TWRP Recovery on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4, well this time also the topic is same but the player changes, In previous article we shared the steps to install TWRP Recovery on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4, In this post I’ll post the steps to install TWRP Recovery on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So have a Sprint Galaxy Note 4? What are you waiting for? Let’s start installing TWRP Recovery in it.

TWRP on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen nor the Author will be responsible incase any Damage is caused to the Device or the person using it during installation of the Custom TWRP Recovery. Agreed? Let’s begin then!

Installation TWRP Recovery on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Steps for installation of TWRP recovery both on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Sprint Galaxy Note 4 are same, only but still since we have created a different thread we will write back the steps here so that a Sprint Samsung Galxy Note 4 user shouldn’t waste time navigating here and there, so let’s move to the core part of this post. Here are the steps to be followed for installation of TWRP Recovery on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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  1. Download TWRP Recovery File and store it on the computer.
  2. Unzip the Recovery File which was downloaded and Store it on Desktop. (Any Location, but Desktop Recommended)
  3. Download Odin and Samsung KIES.
  4. Unzip Odin and install it
  5. Install the Samsung KIES software in the computer too.
  6. Install the USB Drivers for Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using Samsung KIES Software which was downloaded from above.
  7. Turn off the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  8. Enter into Download Mode T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 without pressing Keys.
  9. Run Odin.
  10. Connect the Galaxy Note 4 to the Computer system using a USB Cable.
  11. After connecting the Note 4 to the computer system “Added” message will be displayed and the ID:COM section would turn blue or yellow. If the color doesn’t changes and the device doesn’t gets added in the Odin, just follow all the above steps again without waiting and if still problem persists then just make a comment saying the problem.
  12. In Odin select the “PA” option and pick TWRP Recovery File from the Desktop/Location you extracted the TWRP Recovery.
  13. After the above step, if you completed all the above steps perfectly and has no errors then click on “Start” without making further more changes.
  14. Odin will start working and TWRP Recovery will get installed on the Galaxy Note 4, wait till the file gets installed on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  15. If the File is installed the ID:COM area would turn GREEN.
  16. If it turns green, then unplug the Smartphone and Reboot the Smartphone because the recovery is installed.
  17. Now to test it, Boot into Recovery Mode, Follow the guide : How to Enter into Recovery Mode without pressing key combinations.

That’s it, if you see the screen having options shown in the above picture, the recovery got successfully installed incase any problems persist you can simply follow back the above the steps, if you still face any problems you could contact us. Stay Tuned for more Android News

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