Android Lollipop is one of the sweetest Android version which has ever been released, it comes with materialistic design and unlocks many APIs which previously required access to root. Paranoid has always come with bug-free stable ROM’s which makes the device function at its best. Paranoid has always been fast when it comes to launching ROMs but since, the Paranoid Team believes in Quality, this time it is later than other ROM developers so that it can come up with a Stable Android Lollipop ROM.

Paranoid Android 5.0 Nexus 4

Nexus 4 has been one of the most loves Smartphones when it came into the market and the love for nexus 4 remained till the Nexus 5 arrived, but being the star of those times there are many developers and people who own it and hence the development continues, In this guide I’ll be guiding you with the steps to Install Paranoid Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM in Nexus 4.

Paranoid has already announced the ROM for Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 6+ and other Android Phones, Do check their official site for getting the Android 5.0 ROM for your Device.

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How to Install Paranoid Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM in Nexus 4.

Installing Paranoid Android 5 Alpha ROM would bring in the features of Android Lollipop in your Google Nexus 4. Since this is a Alpha build of the Paranoid Android 5.0 there are chances that it might come with some bugs so before flashing this Rom it is recommended that you take a Nandroid backup of current ROM on which your phone is operating.

Things to be downloaded.

  • Paranoid Android 5.0 Android Lollipop Nexus 4
  • Google Apps.

Step 1 : Root Nexus 4 and Install Custom Recovery in it.

Rooting is the process through which you can gain access to the special superuser in your Phone, which is required to flash a Custom Recovery and without which you won’t be able to flash a custom ROM. So in case you are having a Nexus 4 which is already rooted then install a Custom Recovery, and in case you have both already done on your phone then move to step 2.

In case you don’t have a Rooted Nexus 4, then Google “Steps to Root Nexus 4” and then Flash a Custom Recovery, be it ClockWorkMod or TWRP Recovery, Since this guide is made for steps to install Paranoid Android 5.0 ROM in Nexus 4, It would become very long, if I add the steps for rooting and installing a Custom Recovery.

Step 2 : Download the Paranoid Android 5.0 ROM and Google Apps for Nexus 4.

So to install the PA 5.0 ROM for Nexus 4, you need to download it first, I’ve already added the download link above and without Google Apps there are chances that Android won’t respond properly so also download the Google Apps from the above link. Once you’ve downloaded, Transfer both the ROM and the Google Apps ZIP File to your SD Card.

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Step 3 : Boot/Reboot into Recovery Mode

Once you’ve transferred the ZIP files in your Smartphone, It’s time to boot into recovery mode, in case you’ve installed any AOSP based custom ROM then enable the Advanced Reboot Option so that you can directly get the Recovery mode in one click or either follow : “Reboot into recovery mode without pressing keys” or you can follow the traditional way of “Holding the Volume Up, Down and Power Buttons” simultaneously.

Step 4 : Flash the Paranoid Android 5.0 in your Nexus 4.

So once you are able to boot into recovery mode, depending on the recoveries the options will be different. In case you are flashing a Custom ROM for the first time then it’s recommended to take a Nandroid Backup so that in case any issues occur while installing the ROM, you might restore back to the previous ROM  which was used by you.

Make a Factory Reset, by going to WIPE and swipe over there to make factory reset, once done with the factory reset Click on Install Zip Button, then locate for the ROM which you’ve downloaded from the above link. Once the ROM gets flashed get back to the Install, and then install the Google Apps.

After installing the Google Apps, Reboot into System! Hurrah! You’ve successfully Flashed/installed Paranoid Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM in your Nexus 4, Installed? Wouldn’t you like to share your experience? Just post the screenshots and your views on it below so that, the other users who are installing might get an Idea.

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