As we all know, Lineage OS has replaced CyanogenMod. At the initial stages of the Lineage OS we noticed a lot of bugs on it, However, the team acted quick and solved most of the bugs. The bug removing process and feature adding process is a never-ending process when it comes to an operating system.


In the beginning, a lot of people were afraid to install the Lineage OS on their smartphones because of the bugs. Some people didn’t install it just because they lost hopes on CyanogenMod and saw some really cool ROMs in the market. If you are someone who is looking forward to installing Lineage OS on his/her smartphone, then this guide would do great help.

Why Install Lineage OS?

Before beginning with the installation, I’ll be answering some questions which you might have in your mind about Lineage OS. Lineage OS started from where CyanogenMod ended everything. To be honest, CyanogenMod was one of the first developer communities in the ROM building industry. Their expertise can’t be compared to a lot of other developers in the market.

You might be having a question in your mind, “If CyanogenMod was so great, then why did it die?”. The CyanogenMod was a part of Cyanogen Inc. services and came to an end because of the bad business decisions made. Since Cyanogen Inc. had to end, all the services running under its name also came to an end and CyanogenMod was one among those services.

The good thing is, the developers from the CyanogenMod community didn’t end it there. They wanted to build better ROMs and their passion was the reason for the evolution of the Lineage OS. Passionate developers might surely develop something you would love to use, that’s another reason why one should install Lineage OS.

How to Install Lineage OS?

Installing Lineage OS is quite an easy task, and users can easily do it with the help of TWRP and Custom Recovery. This process is even easier for those users who have installed a Custom ROM in the past, and especially the CyanogenMod will know how to install the LineageOS as well.

Installing LineageOS is quite similar to installing any other custom ROM, with the only major difference being the installation of Gapps. Let us take a detailed look at the steps involve in the process.

How to Install Lineage OS using TWRP Recovery?

If you are worried that this guide would require you to root your device, then don’t worry, this guide won’t ask you to root your android phone. Since installing TWRP recovery is going to be different for every device in the market so we can’t write different steps in one single article.

Without a custom recovery like TWRP recovery, it is not easy to flash ROMs, so we suggest you make a Google search for steps to install TWRP recovery on your android phones. Once you’ve installed the TWRP recovery follow the below-mentioned steps.


Download the Lineage OS and Google Apps for Lineage OS (Android Nougat)

Lineage OS is the new operating system which you’ll be installing on your android phone. However, in addition, to use the Google apps such as Google Play Music, Google Play Store, Gmail, and other Google services, it is important for one to install Gapps on their android phone. Without Google services, you won’t be much happy. Download the files and store them in the outermost directory of your internal or external storage.

Reboot into TWRP recovery

TWRP recovery is a custom recovery which will help you to flash the ROM and the Gapps. Although, every android phone comes with a stock recovery, the limited functionality of the recovery doesn’t allow you to flash roms, kernels and root your device. That’s why a custom recovery like TWRP recovery is recommended.

Press the key combinations assigned for your device and reboot your device into recovery mode. You can search for the device specific key combinations on Google search and you’ll get a result.

Flash the Lineage OS and Recovery

Once you’ve booted your device into recovery mode, You’ll see the TWRP recovery getting started. After the TWRP recovery gets started.

Install the Lineage OS and Gapps

As mentioned above it is recommended that you store the Lineage OS and the Gapps in the outermost directory of your storage. Follow the below instructions:

Install Zip > Directory > Lineage OS and swipe to install the zip.

After installing the Lineage OS, you are supposed to flash Gapps.

Install Zip > Directory > Gapps and swipe to install Gapps.

That’s it, you’ve successfully flashed the ROM and the Gapps on your android device.

Do a factory reset

The factory reset will make the software of your device as it came in with your brand new device. This is generally done to avoid the device from falling into issues such as Bootloops and getting stuck on boot screen.

Reboot the device

After clearing the cache/performing factory reset, reboot the device into the system partition (Normal reboot). The first boot might take some time, in case it doesn’t boots up do let us know the problem in the comments. If it gets booted, Congratulations, you were successful in installing Lineage OS on your android device.

Note: Neither the site nor the author will be responsible for any damage that would be caused while or after following this guide. By following the steps, you agree that, you are responsible for the events that take place.