How to Install Lineage OS on OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 came out in the July of 2015. It has been quite a while since the phone came out. However, it is still one of the most popular phones to be used by people around us. With the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 out, many might think that OnePlus 2 is now nearly 2 years old, the phone still has a lot to offer. Users can install Lineage OS on OnePlus 2, and give their phone a whole new look and feel!

The Lineage OS, for all practical purposes, is the same as the cyanogenmod was. However, in the drama that surrounded cyanogen inc late last month, the company dissolved, and LineageOS was born. For now can be considered an extension of the idea that cyanogen once started off with. Let us now take a look on the process of installing Lineage OS on OnePlus 2:

How to Install Lineage OS on OnePlus 2

Lineage OS on OnePlus 2 is installed in the same way as any other phone. It requires basic knowledge of how to flash ROMs on to your phone. However, for those who might not be aware of it here’s our step-by-step guide:


Before you begin to install Lineage OS on OnePlus 2, you need to ensure you have two things:

Android Nogat Gapps are needed as custom ROMs do not come pre-installed with the Google Play Store support, and all the other Google apps. In order to install them, users need to flash their phones with the Android Nougat Gapps after they are done flashing the ROM.

Steps to Install Lineage OS on OnePlus 2

Installing Lineage OS on OnePlus 2 is quite a simple process. All the users need to do is that they need to follow the following instructions. This is more easy if they have installed another ROM in the past. But even the first timers would have no difficulties if they follow our process carefully:

This is how to install Lineage OS on OnePlus 2. It is quite a simple process, but for those with doubts, they can also read our detailed guide on how to install Lineage OS.

DISCLAIMER: Neither the author, nor the owner of this website is responsible for any damages that might occur to your phone, or any other devices while following, or after following the guide. The user is solely responsible for all the damage.

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