HTC One M8 is HTC’s flagship smartphone from 2014. The phone has been one of the most popular names when it comes to the world of technology, and it was among the first names to release a dual-camera on the back, a year and a half before iPhone 7 did it, and it became mainstream. While the phone is now two years old, users can install Lineage OS 14.1 on HTC One M8 and make it interesting again!


Lineage OS 14.1 is the latest version of Lineage OS currently. For all practical purposes, it is a re-branded CyanogenMod 14.1, but is indeed the latest of what either has to offer. Talking about Lineage OS, let us now take a look at how to install LineageOS 14.1 on HTC One M8:

How to Install Lineage OS 14.1 on HTC One M8:

While installing a new ROM might sound like an intimidating task for new users, it is actually quit simple. Users can follow our step by step instructions in order to ensure their installation is done properly. It is exactly the same as Installing CyanogenMod 14.1, but for the benefit of first-timers, here’s the step by step process:

Before they install the LineageOS on HTC One M8, Users need two basic files ready: the LineageOS 14.1 ROM, and the Android Nougat Gapps.

The Gapps are needed as the custom ROMs do not feature pre-installed Google services like the Play Store, etc.

Now that you have downloaded the ROM and the Gapps, here comes the most important part – how to download the Lineage OS 14.1 on HTC One M8. Users are advised to follow the step by step guide on how to install Lineage OS in order to do that.

DISCLAIMER: Neither the author, nor the owner of this website is responsible for any damages that might occur to your phone, or any other devices while following, or after following the guide. The user is solely responsible for all the damage.