Few days back we updated you regarding Cyanogen’s intentions to come up with CyanogenMod 12S for OnePlus One smartphones, It was a tweet where we the co-founder at OnePlus said, the Firmware has just passed certification.  After a lot of waiting, CM12S goes live and can be installed on your OnePlus One phablet. The best thing about the OnePlus One is it came with a pre-installed CM11s and was the reason why the phone was in demand even before it was launched.


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When Google released the Android 5.0 Lollipop with material design and many unlocked API’s, OnePlus promised that the OnePlus One will be getting the Android Lollipop update. In between there were issues between the Cyanogen and the OnePlus, which made OnePlus to come up with it’s own Oxygen ROM. The issues between both have been settled and now, the CM12S has finally hit the OnePlus One Smartphones.

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How to Install CM12S on OnePlus One using OTA update feature?

Installing the CM12S using the OTA update feature is very easy and can be even done if you are not so tech savvy. If you have a OnePlus One smartphone then you are just a few steps away from installing the CM12S on your OnePlus One. But to avoid loads on the server and crashing of the server the company would push updates to your phones depending on your region. However, there are chances that it would have already pushed an update to your Phone and you are not aware of it so follow the below steps to Update your OnePlus One using the OTA update feature.

  • Go to the Settings App
  • Click on About Device -> Check for Updates.
  • If there is any update available then download it and install the update automatically, if not then OnePlus hasn’t pushed the OTA update for your region or Phone.
[alert-note]It’s recommended to be connected to a WIFI or use 3G to update your Phone using OTA Update Feature. Else, there are chances that you may face issues.[/alert-note]

Didn’t get an CM12S OTA update for your OnePlus One? Don’t be sad, we have another way through which you could manually flash the CM12S OTA zip file on your OnePlus One Smartphone, below are the steps listed.

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How to Flash CM12S Zip on OnePlus One Manually?

So didn’t get an OTA update on your OnePlus One? Can’t wait to experience the CM12S on the OnePlus One? Sounds you have an Android Geek in you, so let’s begin with the steps to install the CM12S Zip File on your OnePlus One manually.

Things required :

  • USB & ADB Drivers for your OnePlus One.
  • A Custom Recovery Installed (Google for installing it)
  • Charged Phone (80% recommended)
  • CM12S ROM : cm-12.0-YNG1TAS0YL-bacon-signed.zip

Manually Installing CM12S on OnePlus, Begin the Steps.

Step 1 : Download the CM12S ROM and Transfer it to your Phone.

The CM12S ROM download link has been provided in the things required area and to install it, first it has to be downloaded, so download the CM12S ROM. Once, downloaded, store it to the outermost storage directory of your Smartphone.

Step 2 : Reboot/Boot into Recovery Mode.

The guide assumes that you already have a Custom Recovery installed in your OnePlus One. If you don’t have a recovery installed in your OnePlus One then you won’t be able to flash the CM12S, hence it is recommended to install a Custom Recovery in your OnePlus One.

Turn off your Smartphone and Hold both the volume buttons simultaneously and to boot into recovery mode, in case you find it difficult to perform then follow this guide which will enable you to reboot into recovery without pressing keys.

Step 3 : Flash the ROM from the Recovery Mode.

Once you are in recovery mode clear cache, dalvik cache and data (not compulsory but to reduce errors from happening). Now go to “Install Zip” and Select the CM12S OTA Zip File and flash it.

Reboot your OnePlus One and the first boot will take some time but have patience and let your phone to boot. Once done, CM12S will be ruling your Phone. Have any questions? Post us.

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