The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn’t yet received any official Android Lollipop update, but it is not the case that Samsung won’t give the Android Lollipop update for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it since Samsung has a TouchWiz UI and Android Lollipop comes with some new concepts in it, it will take time for Samsung to give updates to their High-End Phones. Yesterday I posted “How to install Android Lollipop in T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3” and today we go with the S5. Before beginning let me tell you the post is about installing the CM12 Android Lollipop ROM in Galaxy S5, and this rom installation is not based on the TouchWiz UI.


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How to Install Android Lollipop in Galaxy S5 ?

CM12 is a new build from the CyanaogenMod Developers, and it might contain some bugs regarding connectivity, network issues and some not responding issues also, but the next updates in CM12 will solve all the bugs and give you a Bug-Free Galaxy S5 ROM. So Let’s begin with the installation.

Things Required :

  • CM12 Android Lollipop ROM for S5
  • Android Lollipop Google Apps.
  • Rooted Galaxy S5
  • Custom Recovery Installed
[alert-note]Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen nor the Author will be responsible incase of any damages caused while installation and after installation of the ROM[/alert-note]

Step 1 : Root the Galaxy S5

The First step for installation of custom ROMs is always rooting, because without rooting one cannot install custom ROMs on the phone, because you don’t get access to the superuser of your phone without rooting. Rooting is the process through which you get access to the superuser in your Phone. So if you already have a rooted galaxy s5 then move towards the Step 2, but incase you don’t have a rooted S5, then make a Google Search or navigate to XDA to learn to root the Galaxy S5.

Step 2 : Download the Lollipop ROM and Google Apps

The CM12 Android lollipop ROM for the Galaxy S5 is a Custom ROM which is under-development so as said above it may come with many bugs and if those bugs may not bother you then you can head towards the downloading of the files so that, you begin installation :

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  • Download CM12 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S5
  • Android Lollipop GAPPS for Galaxy S5

Incase, you have a high-speed internet on your mobile phone, then install UC Browser and download the above packages and store them in the SD card, incase you don’t have a high-speed internet connectivity in your mobile phone, then download those files in your Computer system and transfer them to your Smartphone at SD Card Storage Location.

Step 3 : Enter into Recovery Mode

Once you have both the Lollipop ROM and GApps Packages in your SD card, you need to boot into recovery mode to flash the ROM and GAPPS. In case you don’t have a button or don’t know the key combinations then follow the guide : “Reboot into Recovery mode without Pressing keys” and then reboot into recovery mode. Once you are able to successfully reboot/boot into recovery mode, depending on the recoveries installed you will see different options,

In case of ClockWorkMod Recovery, simply click on “install zip from SD card” and then select the lollipop 5.0 ROM which you downloaded for the Galaxy S5 from above link, once you flash the Android Lollipop ROM, you need to again click on “install zip from SD card an select the Gapps for Lollipop and flash them, once you flash the Gapps, Clear Cache and Clear Dalvik cache from the recovery mode and reboot into system.

In case of TWRP Recovery, click on “Install” and then select the checkbox, install multiple items, and select both the items – the ROM and the Google Apps, but maintain the sequence, else the Gapps will get installed first and the ROM after it. Once you are able to Flash the ROM and GApps, clear the Cache and Dalvik Cache of the Phone and Reboot into System.

Step 4 : Setup Google Account and other details

After rebooting into system the phone would get started and the first boot would take some time, once it gets booted the App optimization will start which will be followed by filling up of Google account and other necessary details, fill in all. That’s it, you’ve successfully installed Android Lollipop in Galaxy S5.

In case you face any issues at the time of installation or after installation feel free to post the problem here, I’ll try my best to help you completely get stable with Android Lollipop on Galaxy S5.

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  1. @roberto_lazo:disqus This guide is for the International Samsung Galaxy S5 variant, trying this on the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5, will cause such issues. However, the steps remain the same, what you will have to do is just, find a ROM for your variant and instead of the above rom, flash that rom with GApps listed in the above list. Still if you face any issues do let me know.

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