It has been a long time since HTC launched the HTC One S, the Phone was a great phone during those days (when it was launched). The 4.3-inch One S comes with great specs which still can support Android Lollipop, but HTC won’t be releasing the Android Lollipop OTA updates for the HTC One S because lot of time has been passed since it has been in the market (more than 18 months).

cyanogenmod-12-cm12-android-lollipop-note-3-t-mobileBut would you not like to have the latest Android Lollipop inside your Smartphone? Custom ROMs in Android are made to provide the latest appearance, tools, interface, etc to the oldest device. CyanogenMod has developed the CM12 Android Lollipop ROM for the HTC One S so that the users who’ve spent the money for buying this phone and don’t want to spend money buying another phone to use the Android Lollipop OS can get it for free. So let’s begin with the steps to Install CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop in HTC ONE S.

How to Install CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop in HTC One S.

Before beginning with the steps let me tell that, after installing the CM12 Android Lollipop ROM in your HTC One S, you will no more have the SENSE UI. The phone would require access to the root to install the ROM and rooting the Phone might result in loss of warranty so, if you are someone who is conservative about the warranty then you may stop here, rest can proceed with the steps.

[alert-warning]Neither Droidmen, nor the Author would be responsible for any damage caused while or after installing the ROM. [/alert-warning]

Things Required : 

  1. Download the CM12 Nightly Build for HTC One S.
  2. Download the Google Apps (Gapps) for Android Lollipop
  3. Rooted HTC One S.
  4. Custom Recovery Installed (CWM or TWRP)

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In case you don’t have a rooted Phone then go across YouTube or XDA and you will get a lot of guides which would help you in rooting and installing a Custom Recovery in the HTC One S. Once done with the rooting and custom recovery installation process, begin with the below steps :

Download the CM12 Nightly build for the HTC One S and the Google Apps for Android Lollipop OS from the above links, once done with the downloads, place both the files in your SD Card (without unzipping). Once stored in the SD card follow the next steps.

Step 2 : Reboot into Recovery Mode.

I assume that you’ve read the things required part of this post so you have a rooted HTC One S with Custom Recovery installed in it, in case you don’t have then please do install them and then come back here, because without root access the custom ROM and recovery can’t be installed. Oh have a custom recovery installed? Then reboot your phone into recovery mode. In case you don’t know the key combinations for booting into recovery mode you can follow : “How to Reboot into Recovery Mode without pressing button combinations”

Step 3 : Flash the ROM and Google Apps which you downloaded.

Once you’ve rebooted into recovery mode, you will see different options depending on the recovery you have, the basic step is “Installing Zip File” you will find this option in any recovery you’ve installed. Click on it and install the CM12 Nightly build 5.0.2 Android Lollipop ROM for HTC One S. The flashing process would begin, after flashing the ROM, Flash the Google Apps which you’ve downloaded, that also would be done in the same way as you did for the ROM. Once done with ROM and Google Apps, Clear the cache, and dalvik cache  and reboot into system.

That’s it! you’ve successfully Installed CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop in your HTC One S Smartphone. Now what are you waiting for? Won’t you like to share your screenshots here? Post the comment with the screenshot of the Phone running on Android Lollipop, it would be appreciated.

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