While Android Lollipop Update for many Devices has started and Nexus 6, the First Phone with Android Lollipop will be available for sale at Sprint from tomorrow. Well, the Android Lollipop is not yet out for Samsung Galaxy S3 International version, actually it would not be available officially as well because Samsung Galaxy S3 International version stopped receiving Android updates since 4.3 JellyBean onward. In this post I’ll be sharing with you “How to install Android Lollipop (Developer Preview) in Samsung Galaxy S3”

Why Android Lollipop (Developer Preview) why not Android Lollipop?

That’s a question which would be running in your mind if you are here, to tell you, for now there is no custom ROM which is based on Android Lollipop. Though Google has released the Android Lollipop Source code for AOSP but, the building would take time, because S3 has become a very old phone. But remember, though old you will find it running very smooth after installing the Android Lollipop Based Custom ROM in your S3. You can see the below screenshots (end of the post)

So, How to Install Android Lollipop in S3 ?

So here comes the core part of our Post, In this part you will be guided to successfully Install Android Lollipop Custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S3. So let’s begin with the installation process without wasting much more time.

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Neither the site nor the Author would be responsible incase some harm is caused while flashing the ROM.

Root the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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To begin with you will need a Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3. If you don’t have a rooted S3, then follow the guide : Root Galaxy S3 without Computer. Rooting enables the normal phone user to get access to the root of the phone without the access to the root one cannot install any sort of custom ROM.

Download and Place the Android Lollipop ROM.

If you already have a rooted S3 then Download the Android Lollipop Developer Preview ROM for Galaxy S3 (includes Google Apps). After Downloading the Android Lollipop Developer Preview, Just place it somewhere in your Storage/SD Card.

Reboot into Recovery Mode.

Quick Boot boot into recovery without buttonsOne great thing I like about the Samsung Phones is they already come with a Custom Recovery Installed. So if you would like to Reboot into Recovery mode the press the power button + volume up button and leave the press button, Later you will be taken to the recovery menu, but sometimes its annoying so I prefer using QuickBoot which enables me to boot into Recovery mode without pressing key combinations.

Locate the Android Lollipop Developer Preview ROM.

You downloaded the Android Lollipop ROM from the above link, right? Just reboot into recovery mode and click on install zip and then find for the ROM which was downloaded from the above link. After you find it, just click on install and the the Recovery would start installing the ROM.

Format Data/Factory Reset

After installation of the Recovery would say that the ROM is installed successfully, but it won’t boot if you don’t format the data or make a Factory Reset. To make a Factory reset, if having CWM Recovery go to Factory Reset and click yes and it would start. In case of TWRP Recovery, go to wipe and then select Factory Reset. That’s it now reboot system.

Galaxy S3 Android Lollipop You’ve successfully installed the Android Lollipop Developer Preview on Samsung Galaxy S3. The First Start would take some time and then the phone would start, do setup your Google account and start experiencing the Sweetness of Android Lollipop on a Phone which didn’t even think of official Android KitKat. Above are some screenshots from a Galaxy S3 running on Android L Developer Preview.

  1. i have a custom android device can i put into it the name of device is symphony w68

  2. Hi @mohammedmozammelhaque:disqus this guide is meant for Samsung Galaxy S3 International users only. Installing this on your phone could cause some problems like Bricking of your symphony w68 and some weird cases as well. 🙂

  3. Hey, I have problem with this. After installing Lollipop following the instructions my phone doesn`t recognise sim card at all. It doesn`t give any notice about sim card being broken or anything, after inserting the sim card the phone just works as no sim card is inserted.
    Is there a way to fix this?

    Im running S3 GT-I9300 version.

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