The year was 1981, the time was 12:01 am, and the first ever video song was played on MTV that night: Radio Killed the Video Star. As a foretelling of things to happen, MTV cemented its position in the markets that night and declared to the world that gone are the olden days and they are the next big thing in entertainment. Facebook owned Instagram declared a similar war on Snapchat last year with their Instagram stories feature, and it looks like Facebook is already winning.

Facebook and Snapchat have been on a war ever since the report broke out that Snapchat was about to have more video-views-per day than Facebook. While that never really happened because Facebook buckled up. ┬áThe popular chat app has been facing quite a fierce competition from Facebook as the company has now introduced similar features in all their apps. Facebook owned Instagram, WhatsApp and the main Facebook app itself now feature ‘stories’.

Latest reports that have been coming in indicate that Instagram stories have now edged past the Snapchat numbers. Instagram announced earlier today that over 200 Million users are actively using their stories feature. This is nearly 40 million more users than Snapchat which has just 161 Million users of their stories feature.

This comes in as a bad news for Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat which went public last month. Instagram Stories have been innovating their offerings month after month and have been bringing forward a number of features which are more than just stories. The latest updates include Snapchat-inspired disappearing messages. Instagram also introduced an option to use your selfies as stickers which rolled out yesterday.

Snapchat needs to find a way out and needs to get more users on-board with their Snapchat Stories as it looks like Instagram stories are already beating them in their own game.