Are you thinking about what is going to be the best and the ideal length for your Instagram stories, and your IGTV videos? This is going to be the ultimate guide for you. Instagram is indeed the most popular photo sharing platform that is liked a lot by its users. With the launch of its story feature, it gained a lot more popularity. Every user put their photos, videos, or share other posts on their stories.

Brands and businesses are also taking benefit from the innovative feature to market their products and services and to attract more people towards using their services. It is the best platform for social media marketing and digital marketing. With the story feature, communicating with your customers or Instagram followers becomes a lot easier. You can keep them updated about new products.

Instagram stories are short videos which stays for as long as 24 hours. After 24 hours they disappear from your stories, but you can add it to your highlights as well if you want. The question here is that how long Instagram stories be that will determine the number of followers as well as number of likes you are going to get on your posts.

To answer this question, we will have to tell and determine the ideal length for Instagram stories. To increase engagement, your story can be as long as 15 seconds which is the ideal length for a story. If we talk about the ideal length of an IGTV, it varies for verified and non-verified users. For verified users, the best time is as long as an hour and for non-verified users, the best time is 10 mins.

How to determine the best length for Instagram Stories

The first step is to switch from a private account to a public business account. When you do that, you will be able to view the Instagram Insights. It is not visible to people who have private accounts.

The next step is to post stories of different lengths for some time.

After that go to your Instagram Insights. Next, tap on the Content. It will show you what content engaged more people.

Analyze the length of the videos that engaged more people and consider posting videos of that length in the future.

Ideal time for posting videos on stories to increase engagement

One more way to increase engagement is to post stories at the right time. When you post stories at the right time, it means you will get more views. You just have to analyze that right time in order to post stories. The right time to post stories is when most of your followers are active.

  1. In order to know when most people are active, open Instagram Insights.
  2. After that, click on Audience option. It will show you the right time when most people are active.

Once you get to know the right time, you can schedule your story posts accordingly to increase engagement.

How to Increase Engagement

Instagram is the best platform to engage an audience and to attract more followers. Increasing engagement depends on the type of content. Your content needs to be unique and innovative to enhance engagement. Of course, there are also other options for users to increase their following and improve their engagement, for example, if their numbers are somewhat low, they may look to services that can provide them with a stream of real instagram followers to follow and like their account and content.

Post innovative stories everyday

As mentioned earlier, the type of content you post on your stories is going to determine engagement for your account. Include GIFs to your stories, or you can also add music. Moreover, another way of increasing engagement is to be a story teller.

Post a couple of stories in which you are actually telling a story to your followers. If the content is compelling enough, your followers will definitely stick to your stories and they will also view your stories in the future.

Engage followers to interact with you

Use the poll feature as well as the question feature to actively engage followers with you. The question feature would let followers ask questions from you that will get them know more about you.

You can get feedback from your followers for your products. And also if they have any queries, it can be discussed. Moreover, you can compel your followers to DM you if they have anything to ask from you.

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