Instagram has been one of the biggest points of focus for Facebook over the past few years. Facebook has been introducing various new feature upgrades on the app, most of which have been quite similar to Snapchat. Snapchat vs Instagram stories have been around for a long time, however this is not one such news. Two new changes have been introduced – one of them, a server side switch, and the other as an OTA update. Instagram Live videos can now be saved, while the Two-Factor authentication is now rolling out for more users.


Instagram Live Videos Can Now Be Saved

Instagram live videos were introduced a while ago for all the users. In the past they were limited to users who had a higher following. However, they are now out for everyone. When the feature was initially introduced, the users were not allowed to save their videos and the videos would disappear after the live broadcast ends.

However after the Instagram 10.12 update, the Instagram Live Videos can now be saved. After your broadcast is finished you will now see a save button on the top right corner.


Instagram Two-Factor Authentication Reaches More Users

Instagram had been working on introducing two-factor authentication as an additional security measure. It was earlier rolled out for a limited number of users but in what looks like a new server side switch, more users are getting it. The update is rolling out in phases and is soon expected to reach all Instagram users. Facebook has been rolling out two-factor authentication updates for their apps. WhatsApp got it a few weeks ago, and Instagram too has been getting it.

As of now we are not certain if this is rolling out only for the beta users of Instagram or for all the users. However it is still a welcome change, which will help ensure the app is more secure.