Instagram has been updating their app at a rapid frequency. There have been multiple updates every month. Instagram vs Snapchat has been among the biggest tech rivalries of 2016 and 2017 where both the companies are trying to outdo each other. In a latest such update, Instagram now allows Instagram Direct users to send images in portrait as well as landscape mode. Links are also being supported now. This is an update many users would be thankful for.

Instagram Direct is the direct messaging feature of Instagram where you could hold one-to-one conversations as well as group chats with your friends. It is an interesting feature and adds another dimension to the regular photo-based social network that Instagram is. However, Instagram Direct had two major flaws for many years, which have been fixed with the latest update to the app which came out today.

In the past if you were to share an image in a direct conversation, it would automatically be cropped to a square. (Remember the days when even Instagram supported only square images?) However, following today’s update, users can now send full sized images in portrait as well as landscape mode directly from their camera roll, without the fear of it getting cropped out!

In addition to this, another new feature has also been introduced. Instagram Direct, for so many years, did not allow sharing of links. However, following today’s update, users can now share links on this platform. The links, in the past, appeared as plain text. However, following today’s update, the links are now clickable, and they also give a preview of what’s inside.

While it surprises us that this feature had not been a part of Instagram Direct all these years, we are just glad that it has finally arrived. Stay tuned with us for more updates regarding Instagram.