If you are new to the New World, then you might need some great tips to survive in the most advanced crafting system and mechanics of the game. It is an MMORPG game by Amazon. For beginners, it can be rather difficult as you will be needing to collect hundreds of items spread across the map and numerous expeditions and battles to test your skills and a lot more. You can use some new world hacks to make the New World grinding experience into a friendly one.

Here are some basic key tips to help you get started and explore the mystical island of Aeternum.

Tips To Survive And Levelling Quickly In The New World

1. Use Autorun Feature To Speed Up

Use Autorun Feature To Speed Up

Players in New World have to do a lot of walking, as there are no other means of transport such as horses to speed up wandering around the island. Here you can use a feature called autorun feature which is default to ‘=’ key.

The professionals highly suggest using this feature to save your fingers from using WASD keys to explore and plunder around. When you are using the autorun feature, you only have to use your mouse to navigate the direction your character is running to. Autorun helps the character to climb uneven terrain while running. There is no feature that makes the character move faster.

2. Save Up Your Gears

Save Up Your Gears

After completion of your first few missions, you will win some gears that will help you get through at the beginning of your game. The tip here is to save all these low-level gears as you can later get some useful items such as Repair kits which are an essential items to keep your other functional gears always working.

If you have accumulated a good amount of the gears from the beginning then you can use them when you have access to a prime loot.

3. Try To Acquire Expeditions

Try To Acquire Expeditions

There are several expeditions in New World such as a dungeon expedition, five-player mission. These missions get your hands on some very excellent gear and increase your XP that can help you level up your game and your weapons quickly.

4. Respec Your Skills

As we know New World is a classless MMORPG game that means that you are not confined to a particular class of weapon or a task. The focus of the game is on acquiring different skills, attribute points, and mastering some specific weapons to unlock some abilities.

One of the most useful tips to level up is to respec your skills and attributes, that is you can reallocate them in strength, intelligence, focus and in other specializations. This is for free until level 20 after that it will cost you when you want to respec.

You can also get some mastery points when you level up your weapons. These mastery points can also be respec to change your gameplay with a specific weapon.

5. Use Your New World Territory Standing Points

Territory standing is a measure of your reputation in a particular region or a territory. It is a levelling system in New World and rewards a variety of bonuses for every different area. There are 14 territories in Aeternum and each one has its own standing points. You can use your standing territory points to unlock some benefits

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