The holiday season marks the perfect time to engage and attract customers. But if you are worried that the sales season isn’t long enough with Christmas and Black Friday deals ending soon, you still have one more trick up your sleeve as a retailer.

Boxing Day is considered just as lucrative an opportunity as Black Friday, explaining why more businesses than ever have a case of Boxing Day fever. Amazon saw an increase of 30% on its site on Boxing Day, which was more than its traffic on Cyber Monday!

And, of course, you wouldn’t want your Boxing Day sales to lower the impact of your Christmas promotions.

In this article, we share helpful insights into ways you can influence consumer behavior. It all starts with creating attractive visuals and building strategies that command attention just in time for Boxing Day!

Marketing Strategies To Increase Boxing Day Sales

Use Coupons, Rewards Points, And Cash Back Options

Boxing Day provides the perfect opportunity for customers to shop for items they might’ve missed during Christmas sales.

According to Statista, in 2019, e-commerce sales hit an all-time high, with 88% of consumers using discount coupons while shopping online. Retailers can take advantage of this and offer reward points and loyalty deals for their valuable customers.

Getting a discount coupon makes people feel lucky, and often, they celebrate by going shopping to use the “special discount”. Thanks to technology, retailers can also target customers via demographic or past purchase history to offer coupons and discount codes that they won’t be able to resist.

Offering reward points can also help build customer loyalty, raise brand awareness, and make your brand more recommendable.

Use Coupons, Rewards Points, and Cash Back Options

Tarte is a popular cosmetic brand that offers reward points by incentivizing user-generated content like makeup tutorials and social media posts.

Customers can avail these reward points by posting their selfies on Instagram and Twitter with Tarte products. This means that customers don’t have to spend more to benefit from them. In fact, just by showcasing their previously purchased products, they can earn more points that may entice them to buy more!

Good Customer Service

Retailers should also make efforts to engage with customers on social media platforms to establish brand affinity. Replying to comments on your social media posts and answering queries can humanize the brand for your audience and generate positive reviews.

Since Boxing Day follows right after Christmas, it’s inevitable that some returning customers may bring in complaints and product exchange and return requests. Ensure that you have efficient and prompt customer service to solve those queries that can make your customers more willing to shop with you again.

Some easy ways to ensure the satisfaction of your online customers include:

  • Liking and replying to comments that customers leave on your Facebook or Instagram post
  • Running polls on Instagram stories to know what your customers want
  • Using a hashtag for your Boxing Day Sale and encourage customers to win a prize every time they use the hashtag
  • Captioning every social media post with a question to open up conversations
  • Having an “Ideas” or “Suggestions” page where customers can leave their ideas on how to improve certain tools or services like the Hubspot Community.

Create Eye-Catchy Visuals For Your Marketing Campaign

Offering coupons is indeed the best way to make customers give in to impulse buying. But what if you send out this coupon in the form of a plain text message? How many customers do you think will be attracted by that?

According to research, customers appreciate attractive visuals since 65% of people are visual learners.

By incorporating stunning typography and colorful graphics, you can get your customers excited to visit your online store. And if you use email campaigns to target customers, you also have the option to make creative social media ads based on your customer segments.

Create Eye-Catchy Visuals For Your Marketing Campaign

Online creative tools like PosterMyWall help you design anything from savvy email campaigns to colorful gift vouchers and coupons, making it one of the best cost-effective social media marketing tools at your service.

For example, here is an example of a creative email campaign for Sephora that is different for customers who have already shopped from their skincare line and those who haven’t yet discovered these new products.

discovered these new products

However, creating engaging graphics should not be limited to coupons and email campaigns only; it is equally important for your social media feed.

Consistent Social Media Posting

To go all out for Boxing Day, your marketing strategy should include consistent social media posting. People love seeing colorful graphics on their newsfeed, and with almost half of the population spending their time scrolling screens on Instagram and Facebook, your brand should stand out among the many ad campaigns that are there on social media.

For starters, you should be consistent with your Instagram posts and story feeds. Research shows that 57% of marketers have already seen their social media marketing efforts somewhat effective in garnering customer attention.

As social media platforms continue to popularity, make sure you cater to a unique audience on each. For example, your Instagram should be geared more towards the Millennials and Gen-Z, while Facebook is known to have an older mixed audience, so your posts on Facebook should be able to speak to everyone.

Suppose your brand offers in-store activities or savings on selected items. In that case, get customers excited by sending event reminders to alert them of the sale.

Create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Within Your Customers

With more than 3 billion people actively using the internet and social media, it comes off as no surprise that social media has a huge impact on consumer trends. Millennials comprise almost 90% of the audience on social media, which means that they don’t want to be left behind in the race for an “insta-worthy” lifestyle.

It’s only natural for them to have an innate fear of missing out on products that are up for sale for a limited time. They often love to buy things just because they are on “sale” and not because they actually need them. This is the psychological trigger of FOMO, and retailers use this as a marketing technique to lure in more transactions!

According to another study, more than 50% of social media users fear missing out on sales and updates from their favorite stores.

Retailers can use this mindset and instill in consumers the need to buy and win before anyone does! You can create this sense of urgency in several ways, like:

Offer a good deal with a timer pop-up. Every time your consumers open your website, a timer will pop up that can show how long the sale lasts. This causes consumers to make an instant purchase without giving them too much time to think. Here is how Amazon pairs timers with product deals:

Create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Within Your Customers

Or you can also create a website countdown pop-up like this:

create a website countdown pop-up

Set Up One-Click Buying

This is one of the most brilliant ways Amazon increases its sales exponentially. And since then, many e-commerce websites have adopted this strategy.

One-Click Buying saves customer information once they’ve made a purchase. So the next time they shop at your website, they don’t have to go through the hassle of entering all of their billing or shipping data again.

This ease of a one-click buy option can help customers make a purchase in an instant!

Wrapping Up

We have already seen how Boxing Day remains an important shopping day for consumers all over the world. Thankfully, with the help of online tools, you can make cost-effective social media posts that can help consumers stay updated with upcoming sales.

The right marketing strategy uses consumer impulses to increase your sales, customer engagement, and create brand awareness.

If you’re looking for new tools to support your marketing strategy and create engaging visuals, check out PosterMyWall. It makes it easy for marketers to create and schedule social media posts, according to their preferences.

So what are you waiting for? Hop onto our website and start creating!

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