Today, the most frequently asked question is how to view Instagram stories anonymously. Until recently, no one believed in the success of IG stories.

A couple of years ago, when Instagram just added publishing stories (photos or 15-second videos that disappear after 24 hours), no one would have thought that this function would help promote a business or a blog on Instagram.

Although in 2021, stories are an integral part of promoting and working on an account, it is essential not just to publish stories but to do it thoughtfully, vividly, and interestingly. Don’t forget about the design and length of the posted videos, which will attract the audience’s attention and develop curiosity.

However, the most important thing when publishing stories is the idea. And not just one, there should be a lot of them. After all, the optimal number of stories per day is about 10. Therefore, it is essential to always be inspired to create unique content.

The easiest and most working way to inspire is to view other people’s accounts and save them in an additional folder on the phone. Unfortunately, you can just watch it, but you can’t save the story you like, even on Android.

Or is it possible?

In this article, you’ll learn how to download IG stories for free not only to your phone but also to your PC.

IG Story Download Methods

Using Android

Using Android

It is worth noting that it is best to view IG stories, posts, and videos from an authorized account. This opens up more work opportunities. However, there are several ways to use Instagram as an unauthorized user.

There is an easy way to download Instagram stories for all those who have an Instagram account and do it on Android.

For this, you will have to use third-party programs from Google Play. Try to use the following apps:

Story Saver (a simple app for the instant story, video, and photos download); SilentStory (convenient because you do not need to register or enter your account data in it); Downloader for Instagram (there is a Bookmark function that allows you to add authors to “Bookmarks” to find their stories faster).

Using iPhone

Using iPhone

Many people think that the owners of Android smartphones are luckier since numerous applications have been developed for them. However, this is not quite true.

iPhone owners can use several applications:

ReShare Story (the good thing is that you can download stories from any search profiles);

Instant Stories (allows you to anonymously watch the stories of another person, one of the main advantages is that you can search for content by geolocation);

Story Reposter (helps you save any content from the social network or export it to your profile).

Using Web Services

Using Web Services

In addition to apps, there are also special online services that can be used to save any content from Instagram and Twitter, Facebook, etc.

This is an easier way without forcing the installation of third-party software, which, among other things, allows you to view IG stories anonymously.

Today there are many such services, and their working principle is the same. But, first, you need to open a chosen web service in your browser (Toolzu, Inflact, Bigbangram, DownloadGram, etc.)

Almost all services work online without mandatory registration, so you need to add a link to the necessary Instagram history in the search bar. Then, click the “Download” button, and in a matter of seconds, the selected service will save the necessary stories to the PC.

Note: Many such services help to promote Instagram business. On the web platforms, you can see the entire arsenal of promotional tools.

Using Telegram Bot

Those who don’t desire to download external applications or access online services can download the necessary content through the Telegram bot.

For example, you can choose InstaSave.

To use it, you should:

  1. Open the bot and start a dialogue with it.
  2. Send your nickname to the chat (for example, @telegramprofile).
  3. Wait until the list of active stories available for download appears in the dialog box.
  4. Choose the desired IG story and download it.

As you can see, no matter what device you have, you can always find a way to download anything from Instagram. Therefore, choose any method above, create and download stories, and don’t forget to analyze their profit.

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