Did you accidentally send important files to the recycle bin before emptying it? No worries, thanks to the iBoysoft Data Recovery software, you can get your hands on it quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

What happens when you delete a file?

When you delete a file from a mechanical drive does not actually delete the contents of that file. The OS would consider the file as deleted and the data would finally be overwritten. However, the data in this file was still stored on the mechanical hard drive, and data recovery software could scan deleted files from a hard drive and retrieve them. This process is always possible on USB sticks and SD cards.

Use free data recovery software- iBoysoft Data Recovery

iBoysoft Data Recovery

iBoysoft Data Recovery offers a free and comprehensive solution to recover deleted, lost and erased data. It is available for Windows as well as for macOS.

With iBoysoft Data Recovery, the editor offers a complete solution to recover deleted data from your media: computer hard drive, external drives, memory cards, etc. All in an interface that is pleasing to the eye and easy to learn, even without extensive computer skills.

In practice, the software is able to recover your documents, images or videos, in multiple scenarios. It should be able to function even in the most complex situations: emptying the recycle bin, formatting the storage media, OS crash, virus attack, and even loss of the drive partition.

From the welcome screen, iBoysoft Data Recovery allows you to select the drive to inspect. The software can perform a quick scan (which takes just a few minutes), but also a deep scan. You can also specify a location to scan: the desktop, the recycle bin or any partition on your computer.

iBoysoft Data Recovery test run

To test the effectiveness of the software, we ran a full scan of a 64 GB SD card that we had previously formatted on a Mac computer. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed of the analysis, which lasted between 10 and 15 minutes. Most importantly, this Mac data recovery software was able to detect no less than 9000 files or more than 214 GB of data. In other words, the software is able to “see” older files that were deleted during the previous formatting of the card.

The files discovered by the software are then organized logically – an operation that takes a few additional minutes. To find the desired files more easily, you can activate various filters. You can thus specify the type of file you are looking for, its last modification date, its size, or its initials. A very practical function.

iBoysoft Data Recovery test run

The software also offers you to preview the files on the media, even before their restoration. This functionality thus makes it possible to verify the integrity of the document.

You can then select the files to restore, before proceeding with the actual data recovery. With our SD card, the software took a little less than a minute to restore 1 GB of data (JPEG + RAW files). On arrival, the files were perfectly readable (and fortunately).

iBoysoft Data Recovery test run

Finally, note that the iBoysoft Data Recovery allows you to save the list of scan results, in order to be able to consult it later without having to rescan the entire medium. A very valuable function when it comes to a disk of several terabytes.


To conclude, we would say that this software is really very effective in recovering lost data or permanently deleting it from your computer. We were very surprised with its ability to quickly find files that had just been lost and then do a deeper scan to try and recover files that were deleted for longer.

What is incredible is that they sometimes manage to find files deleted several weeks ago, or even several months is to restore them. Obviously the longer you wait to do a scan, the less likely you are to recover them, so you have to quickly launch a scan when you find yourself in a file loss situation to maximize your chances of finding them.

In fact, after several tests to delete files, the software has always been able to find them, even the day after the deletion. We recommend it to anyone who wants to ensure that their data will never be totally lost.

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