Although the Chinese company Huawei worked earlier to launch a number of smart TV screens locally within the country of China, huawei vision s screen is considered the first smart TV from Huawei to be launched in the Saudi market.

Huawei Vision S screen

This screen is available in only two sizes, the first is 55 inches and the second is 65 inches, and they are of the LED type and are supported with a resolution of 4K with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, and the sides that come around the screen are very thin and we can consider them almost non-existent, because the screen covers more From 94% of the front end of the device, with this screen you will get a brightness of up to 350 nits.

Watch Movies on Huawei Vision S

Watch movies on Huawei Vision S

One of the advantages of dealing with this screen is that it provides techniques that increase the number of frames in the clips displayed on it until it reaches 60 frames per second, huawei vision s especially with clips of medium quality, and it is called Motion Estimation technology.

Although this technology facilitates the display of video clips, most of the films that are filmed at the present time come with a number of 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second only, and this causes some problems while watching these films and does not provide you with the best quality.

This is because artificial intelligence directly intervenes through Motion Estimation technology, and this is not suitable for everyone.

Headphones Specifications

With four different speakers with a power of 10 watts, it is true that these headphones are loud, but what distinguishes them is that they are not annoying or confusing over loud sounds, especially in closed rooms of small size.

These headphones come with virtual surround expansion, volume optimization, and audio calibration.

Games on Huawei Vision S

Games on Huawei Vision S

Although watching movies was not satisfactory enough – certainly not all movies – but playing games on the screen is the best as the screen contains AMEMC technology to smooth the movement of electronic games when you play them on the mobile to move directly to the screen.

Huawei Vision S remote control

Most TV screens at the present time come with a large and huge remote control that contains a lot of buttons, huawei vision s which is a distraction for you, but Huawei tried to ease the matter for users, so it provided a medium-sized control device with a few buttons, including 7 main buttons in addition to To a large circular button.

Huawei Vision S  Review

Huawei Vision S  Review

Huawei’s newest flagship device is here in the form of the Huawei Vision S. The Vision S is designed to be a powerhouse of a smartphone that can handle anything you put in its way.? Let’s take a look at the specs and find out.

Huawei is one of the fastest growing Android smartphone manufacturers in the world and their entry into the wearables market has been eagerly awaited.

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