It has traditionally been considered that Nexus devices are the first few smartphones to get the latest Android OS updates. However, this time around, Huawei released an update which made Huawei P9 the first smartphone to run the beta build of the Android Nougat OS. Huawei accidentally released this update over the air. This seems like this was a build for the internal testing purposes.

Huawei Android Nougat

The developers at XDA Forums managed to capture the link. They managed to trace the source of the leaked update. Following that they compiled a post which consisted of screenshots and download links which would allow the users to download and install the Android Nougat OS on their Huawei P9.

Take a look at the changelog:

Huawei Android Nougat Changelog

This build is not the final version of the Android Nougat OS. It is a beta build, and is expected to have many bugs. The final build can be much different from what the company is offering here. Users who want to get an early preview for the Android N OS might want to try it out. However, before you install this version in your smartphones, let us inform you about the perils of it –

Considering that this is a beta build and was meant for internal testing purposes, users might get stuck with it. This means that normally the updates are released for the existing OS builds. Since this was an internal error and not a public release, the update that might come out might not let the users with this build update.

If that indeed happens, users would then need to restore their phone completely. This could be done with the help of HiSuite. Another option is that users would then need to unlock their bootloader and restore to factory settings. However, its only a matter of a few months before the final build for the Android Nougat OS releases.