HTC has been among the most popular phone-makers in the world. The company has been known for their innovative design and good-looking smartphones. HTC’s excellence has been hailed by major brands and Google trusts them with making their Google Pixel smartphones. HTC is all set to introduce their gen-next smartphone, the HTC U on the 16th of May. The phone is said to feature a ‘squeezable frame’. This is the same phone which has earlier been spotted code-named HTC Ocean.

HTC has teased their upcoming smartphone with a 5 second video on Twitter. The video comes with a tagline “Squeeze for the Brilliant”. While nothing has been disclosed about the device so far, HTC, with this small teaser has more or less confirmed the fact that the phone will be coming out with a pressure sensitive frame, which had been the talk of the town for quite a long while when the phone was spotted in early leaks.

Now that the HTC U / HTC Ocean is almost here, it does look quite exciting. We are almost a month away from its official launch. Looking at the various leaks plus the image of the smartphone that appears in the teaser, we can tell that the HTC U Ocean does not come with the ticker that was a part of the earlier HTC U Ultra device.

While speculations in the past had indicated that HTC is working on a completely button-less smartphone, it is going to be a mix of pressure sensitive sides as well as buttons. Based on early assumptions we can say that the pressure sensitive frame of the HTC U will help the users perform various actions based on them squeezing the phone. Speculations in the past have indicated that this phone would release with the Snapdragon 835 processor and would be HTC’s gen-next flagship. Stay tuned with us for more details on the phone.