Few days back, I wrote an article in which I explained the steps for Extracting your WhatsApp Password, I wrote that article to get the Password because I was using the WhatsApp Password on the Web Server. WhatsApp Web version is quite similar to using WhatsApp on Web Server.

WhatsApp On Web - How

What is WhatsApp Web ?

WhatsApp came with a mechanism of allowing users to send and receive messages on their computer system, You can access your WhatsApp account both on PC and Mobile at the same time. This allows user to get the notifications or messages while using the computer system and instead of searching for a Mobile Phone to reply back while using your computer system, you can simply open WhatsApp’s Web version on your Computer system and reply back to the WhatsApp Messages.

How to use WhatsApp on Web?

WhatsApp Web

To Access your WhatsApp Account on your Web Browser, you need already have a WhatsApp Account which is being used on Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S60, BlackBerry and BB10 Smartphones. If you are having any devices running on the above said platforms then you can begin with the steps. In case you are having an iPhone/iOS device, you will not be able to use WhatsApp Web on your Browser

Before beginning the steps, Here are some minimum requirements for WhatsApp to work on WhatsApp Web (Browser)

  1. Active WhatsApp Account on a Phone and any of the devices operating on the above said platforms.
  2. Stable internet connection in both Mobile Phone and the Computer system, since this is the synchronization of a single account on both the devices at a time, it is recommended to have a stable internet connection.
  3. Google Chrome Browser is required in your Computer system, Yes, Because no other Browsers support WhatsApp Web for now.
  4. You’ll need to have your Mobile in an Online State, which would allow synchronization of messages, and in case your mobile is not connected to Internet, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp Web on Browser (Chrome)

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Lets begin with the Steps to use WhatsApp on Web Browser.

  1. Open WhatsApp Web
  2. Update WhatsApp to the Latest version. Download it from Here (Updated Link)
  3. Open WhatsApp -> Menu -> WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp -> Settings -> WhatsApp Web.
  4. Now scan the QR Code which is being displayed on your Computer screen, once scan you are logged into your WhatsApp account from your computer system, you can send, receive messages on your computer system. You can have a look of Logged in computers by going to WhatsApp -> Menu -> WhatsApp Web.

Yay! You’ve successfully enabled WhatsApp Web for your WhatsApp Account and in case you find anyone else using your WhatsApp Account from Web, You can simply follow the 4th Step Listed above and Delete the User.

WhatsApp Web – Looks and Features.

WhatsApp Web Looks completely clean on the Web Browser, However for now one can access WhatsApp Web only on Google’s chrome Browser. If you’ve not yet received the Latest WhatsApp update, I’ve mentioned the link of WhatsApp APK in “How to use WhatsApp Web on Chrome” Download the APK and use it.

Here’s How WhatsApp Web Looks Like, Here are some Screenshots which shows the Features of WhatsApp Web (Similar to WhatsApp Android App).

1.) The WhatsApp Web Main Screen

WhatsApp Web Screenshots (8)

2.) WhatsApp Web Chat Screen – How does the chat look!

WhatsApp Web Chat Screen

3.) WhatsApp Web Settings – Change Profile Pic, Status, Notification Settings and Log out from here!

WhatsApp Web Settings

4.)  WhatsApp Web – User Profile and Status

WhatsApp Web - Profile


5.)  WhatsApp Web Notification Settings 

WhatsApp Web Notifications


6.) WhatsApp Web Also Supports Blue Ticks 

WhatsApp Web Blue Tick Feature


7.) WhatsApp Web doesn’t works, if your Phone/Phablet is not connected to Internet

Lost Access to Phone - WhatsApp Web


8.) WhatsApp Web – You can send images instantly using your Laptop Camera on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web Camera, To Send Images from your Cam

Image Credits : Aavinash Kumar

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