WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used Instant messenger these days and because of the Easy to Use interface of it, people are able to use it without any hastle and is above all other instant messaging apps.

Two WhatsApp in One Phone

On the other hand, Android Lollipop has been one of the sweetest Android versions released, but since it comes in with many new things it comes with a lots of bugs, but the newer versions are solving the bugs on daily basis and trying to make Android Lollipop Bug Free. In this post, my motive is not to tell you about WhatsApp nor to tell you about Android Lollipop but in this post I would guide you with the steps to install 2 WhatsApp Accounts in one Phone which operates on Android’s Latest Lollipop OS.

Android Lollipop comes in with a new Feature named “Multi-User” which allows different users to use one Phone without having access to their Personal Data. So using this Feature we will be able to use Two WhatsApp in a Single Phone. So Lets begin with the steps which would enable you to install 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone.

How to Install Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone?

Before beginning with the steps, the steps are just meant for people to use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a One Android Phone to Demonstrate the Multi-User Feature of the Android Lollipop OS, Neither Droidmen nor the Author would be responsible in case any problems takes place while or after installing Two WhatsApp in one Phone. Beginning with the steps :

Step 1 : Add Multi-User in Android Lollipop Based Phone.

The Multi-User Feature came into action with Android Lollipop OS, but it can also be installed on all Android 4.4. KitKat Phones based on AOSP ROMs using Xposed Framework. However Adding a user to your Android Phone is very easy, just go to Settings and click on Users and users to your Phone. Is it Difficult? Learn How to Add Multi-User in Android Lollipop and come back here.

Step 2 : Switch to New User

Once you’ve created a new user complete all the details which are required to setup a new user and then switch to the user by pulling down the notification bar and on the top right corner you would see the symbol of the user, click on it and switch to the user you want.

Step 3 : Install WhatsApp in the New User Mode.

Once you’ve added the Secondary user or a Multi-user your Phone the data of the Owner won’t be seen to the other user, now switch to the New User and go to the PlayStore and Download WhatsApp for Android. Once it is downloaded, Enter all the details and that’s it, You’ve successfully installed 2 WhatsApp in One Single Phone without rooting or installing any Custom ROM.

Two WhatsApp in One Phone2Lollipop

Above are the Images which shows me using Two WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Smartphone, You can have a look at them so that you don’t feel that this article is wrong. The First shot in the Image shows the screenshot of the activity of the Old WhatsApp number which was running on my Phone and the Rightmost image shows the Log of the Second WhatsApp Number installed in the Same phone. This works superb, but sometimes switching to different user might cause lag in the perfomance.

Multiple WhatsApp in One Phone – FAQs

[alert-announce]Will I receive the Notifications of Both WhatsApp Together ?[/alert-announce]

Well, Clearly speaking you can’t use both WhatsApp Together, To use the another whatsapp you will have to switch user from Owner to another new user which was created and you will only see the user-respective notifications i.e. For the Owner it will only show the notifications of the Owner User and for the other user it will only show the notifications of that user and that too after switching account.

[alert-announce]Will I have to add the contacts in the New User to Have their Number Saved?[/alert-announce]

Yes, Because the Multi-User feature creates a new user with all the settings which comes with Android Lollipop Factory version, So you won’t have any App data of the owner or any other user, so in case you want to talk to your friends using the other number on whatsapp on the New User then you will have to add all your contacts/ or the contacts of your Friends over there.

[alert-announce]Can I use a Single Number on Both the WhatsApp Installed in One Phone?[/alert-announce]

WhatsApp doesn’t allows you to use a single account on more than one devices and that’s why you can’t use both the accounts together, this would be a funny question as well, because what will you do by using the same number in both the user accounts? However if you just want to use the old WhatsApp Account (Owner) in the new User account, then from the User setting select show Whatsapp in the new user.

[alert-announce]Can I use Multiple WhatsApp in One Phone without Multi-User Feature?[/alert-announce]

Yes, you can use, there are several mods which are already built which provides you the Same UI as WhatsApp does but with some changes in them you can use them. One of the mods is OG WhatsApp which can be installed in any Android Phone besides WhatsApp. But again since it is a Mod, I won’t recommend using that. Because can take data in the Future!

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