Twitter is an ideal platform for discovering the latest trends. You can take part in trending conversations and share your two cents. Not only this, but you can also use Twitter for business. This social media platform provides businesses with opportunities to build their brands and drive sales.

You can boost your business by connecting it to real-time trends. However, we recommend you look at customer insights before formulating your marketing strategy. You can only run an effective Twitter campaign after knowing key user statistics.

User statistics help marketers understand audience demographics, including location, gender, age, and buying behavior. You can get these stats from Twitter analytics or third-party authority sources like After exploring the statistics, you’ll know how to use Twitter to promote your businesses.

In case you need a marketing strategy, we have done the hard work for you. Below are key points you should incorporate into your Twitter marketing strategy.

B2B Marketing With Twitter

Identify And Understand Your Audience

B2B Marketing With Twitter

The first and perhaps the foremost thing that brands should do is identify their audience. Know that not every person on Twitter is your prospect. This is where the Twitter user statistics will come in handy. If you already have an active account, it’s time to evaluate your performance.

Use Twitter Analytics to access relevant information and know more about your followers. This will enable you to understand their demographics, including their buying behavior. Once you know your followers’ location, age, and gender, you’ll be able to formulate an effective strategy.

You can also find out what your audience likes most about your business. You can target these points to keep them engaged and address their pain.

Spread Brand Awareness

One of the main goals of Twitter marketing is spreading brand awareness. This is essential if your brand does not have followers. But we recommend you focus on brand awareness even if you have hundreds of thousands of followers.

The idea behind spreading brand awareness is to reach a new audience. This helps a brand reach new prospects and secure more clients. Therefore, you should always include brand awareness as a part of your Twitter marketing strategy.

Promote Your Business

promote your brand

The next step is to promote your services, products, or Software on the platform. Twitter is an ideal platform for B2B marketing, thanks to the interactive content. And the best thing is that it’s quite popular in some of the largest economies in the world.

However, we recommend you follow the 80/20 rule while promoting your business on Twitter. About 80% of your post should be informational, and only 20% should be promotional.

Get Noticed By Prospects

Twitter is a highly interactive social media platform. As a business, you should try to get noticed by the audience and try to keep them engaged. You can do this by creating polls, posting questions, and engaging the audience through conversation.

Many businesses also prefer commenting to humanize their brand on Twitter. You can also involve influencers and share threads about topics your audience likes to discuss.

Build Brand Loyalty

If you are a marketer, you already know the value of loyal customers. These are the people who keep buying your products and services. The best part is that loyal customers do the marketing of your brand by sharing positive reviews.

Twitter is an ideal platform for building brand loyalty when it comes to B2B marketing. We recommend you consistently share positive reviews and let the audience know how our brand is helping businesses. You can share success stories, problems your brand solves, or pinpoints that you are resolving through your services or products.

Additionally, sharing positive reviews is not the only way to build brand loyalty. You may create and implement a B2B rewards program for your loyal customers and make them feel appreciated. This is a great way to keep their loyalty to your brand.

Support Your Content Marketing

Digital marketing is all about collaboration. Use Twitter to strengthen your content marketing if you have a responsive website with quality content.

You should distribute your content on Twitter to share your two cents on the topic. This will help keep the audience engaged, and your brand will benefit from your social visibility. You won’t have to create new content to share on Twitter.

Become A Thought Leader

Digital media careers

The audience on Twitter love to hear from industry experts. So, if you have staff considered experts, we recommend you share their views on your official account.

By doing so, you’ll be providing exposure and establishing yourself as a thought leader. Moreover, the audience will love to know what your brand has to say. They’ll retweet what your experts say and will be willing to engage in the conversation.

Drive Traffic To Website

The main purpose of using Twitter, like any other social media platform, is to generate leads. You can achieve this goal without driving traffic from Twitter to your brand website. And if you aren’t already doing this, you are missing out big time.

All you need to do is share linkable posts that can lead the readers to your website. This can be an article, infographic, or product image. The best part is that you can share one post multiple times. But don’t forget to tweak it by changing the text/image of the post.

You can use older posts to keep a balance between promotional and informational content. However, we recommend you should let the audience know when you share an older post. Many renowned brands use the #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) hashtag.

Check Out Your Competition

The importance of competition analysis cannot be overlooked when it comes to marketing. Twitter provides brands an opportunity to explore their competitor’s strategies. You can then follow the same approach or improve it by addressing their weak points.

Improve Your Customer Service

Twitter is an ideal platform to engage prospects and generate leads. But brands are also using it to improve and strengthen their customer support service.

When you engage the audience, you get to know what customers have to say about your brand. You can then address the issues that are disturbing them to provide a seamless experience. Thus, Twitter provides brands with an opportunity to improve what they are lacking.

Final Note

We hope you are now aware of the benefits that Twitter has to offer to your business. This is an ideal platform for B2B marketing if you know how to use it. By identifying your audience, promoting your business, and engaging people, you can improve your conversions through Twitter.

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