This frustrating message ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ is hard to fix as there are various factors which can be the reason behind this. This can happen when you provide the permission to a particular app say File Manager first and try to add an image into Messenger chat, this error would pop up. After following the fixes mentioned in the article, you’ll be able to turn off screen overlay error.

How to turn off screen overlay
How to turn off screen overlay?

Most of the times, it happens when there’s a floating app such as messenger opened above the app you are seeing the error. There are many other things which could lead to this, So let’s start with the fixes and solution to turn off the screen overlay detected from your Android phone.

How to remove the Screen overlay detected error?

On the latest Android versions such as Android Marshmallow and Nougat, the apps cannot access all the data of the user on the smartphone without the consent of the user. Hence the user should provide permission for the apps in order to access the details. But the Marshmallow version has some glitches related to this.

The new feature on the Android, ‘Draw over the apps’ is a feature where an app is allowed access to open above an app currently running. This allows notifications, app floaters such as the Messenger to remain on screen even while using a different app. When you try to install a new app and provide permission for that app related to either Contacts, Storage, Camera etc the Screen Overlay Detected appears. This is because the ‘Draw over the apps’ is either allowing access to the app in the foreground or background.

This is also a security feature which blocks the permission grant in case you install an application by mistake. But most of the times this gives a problem to the apps which have been installed intentionally.

Fix 1 – Kill all the running apps and retry

You may come across this error while trying to send an image through Messenger or allowing contact, file permission to any app etc. A simple fix is by closing all the apps including the one you are using and kill all the apps. Now open the app which was responsible for the error and retry the same task. You can also retry the procedure by restarting the device and using the particular app with permission grant.

Fix 2 – Uninstall apps like GoSpeed, CleanMaster etc.

If you are using apps such as a third party File manager, Go Speed, CleanMaster, Lux, Twilight, Drupe etc uninstall all these apps one by one as they are the main culprits behind the error ‘Screen Overlay Detected’. These apps generally get their permission as soon as you install them on your smartphone.

Tip: If you are using Battery Saver, CleanMaster or other apps similar to these which are known for enhancing the performance uninstall them. These apps consume a lot of RAM as they need to run continuously in order display the status. But they tend to consume storage space, battery and is a burden on the processor. In most of the cases they accurate either.

Fix 3 – Disable all the Screen overlay options

In this method, you need to disable all the screen overlay options in order to run the new app which gives the error. As you get the error Screen Overlay Detected press on the Settings option. From the Settings navigate to the overlay setting, turn off every single permission and run the new app.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Click on Secondary Settings (Found in top right corner)
  • Select the Draw over the Apps option from the secondary Apps Settings.

Draw over the apps Screen Overlay Detected

In this menu, you can see the list of Apps which have permission granted. You need to select every single app from the list and turn off the ‘Permit drawing over other application‘. By disabling the draw over other permission from all the apps, the new app which you are trying to allow access would not be blocked by any other app.

Permit Drawing over other apps

Once this is done clear all the other apps and try the newly installed app. As there are no other apps which can draw over the new app the error must not pop up. Also, make sure you do this for Messenger if the error keeps coming (Doing this will disable the chat heads feature)

Fix 4 – Boot into Safe Mode

If you have tried the above fixes and yet the problem is not solved then you can try this. In this, you would be turning on the device through Safe Mode. Follow our guide to boot any Android device into safe mode.

For OnePlus devices, To boot into Safe Mode, Hold down the Power Button for an interval of 3-4 seconds. You will see the Power Off and Reboot option on the screen. Now long press the Power Off option on screen for 2-3 seconds. You would get the Boot in Safe mode option, Select OK to reboot in safe mode.

Once the device reboots go the Settings > Apps. From the Apps window, look for the app which was unable to get the permission with the error. Now select the Permission option and turn on the permission.

Once the permissions are turned on reboot the device until normal boot up. Since you are providing the permission directly to the app from the Safe Mode this method should fix the error Screen Overlay Detected. This method must work on most of the Android devices such as OnePlus, Nexus, Moto etc. While it is different for the Samsung and LG smartphones. I have already mentioned 2 of the Fixes for Samsung phones.

If the error ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ is gone then you can go back to the App settings and turn the Draw over the Apps permission back. Refer the same steps to turn on the permissions back on.

For Samsung Devices

As the Samsung used the ‘TouchWiz’ custom interface it not similar the other Android devices. It has a different way of debugging issues such as Screen Overlay Detected. Amongst Samsung devices, there are different reasons for such error to pop up.

Fix 1 – Tweak the App permissions

  • Go to Settings > Applications Application Manager. 
  • Press on MoreApps that can appear on top

Now you would get the list of apps which have permissions granted. You can turn off the permission from the app which has set of bubbles vertically next to the switch. Or you can turn off permission from all the apps. Now check if the “Screen overlay” issue gone, if it’s gone then you can complete your task and turn on the permission again.

This would work on all the Samsung smartphone with the latest version of Android Lollipop. Phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and the same Serious till S4 and apart from these the other set of Samsung phones such as A9, A7 as well as the J series.

Fix 2

On Samsung Devices there is a chance to get this error is when the one-hand keyboard is enabled. This has been recommended by most of the users who have faced the issue. Turn off the one-hand typing feature by following the below steps

  • Go to Settings > Display and Wallpaper > One-handed operation.
  • From this menu select the ‘Side key panel‘.
  • You should see the toggle button, Turn off this toggle button and now kill all the apps and check for the issue, your issue should have gone by now.

If the error disappears provide the necessary permissions and you can turn back the one-hand keyboard. Remember this setting from next time while you are installing a new app. If you barely use this option then turn off this feature once for all.

Yes, if you have some junk apps, unused apps which have not been used for 2-3 months then uninstall them. Do not install so-called performance enhancing apps which do not help your phone in any way. Try not to install unnecessary apps as the Draw over other apps would give issues such as Screen Overlay Detected. As you know the reason your phone had the Screen overlay error you can follow the same steps next you face this issue until new updates.