Google has announced the Android Lollipop Operating system and since then all freaks having Gadgets are excited to get the Android Lollipop installed in their Phones to experience the Material Design, meanwhile some manufacturers are releasing Android updates for their Phones. Well this post is neither about Android Lollipop updates nor about listing the phones that would get updates, but this post is to solve the problems faced by a User while there is any update going on.

Android Updates Causing problems? Eh?

Today morning when I was talking about the Android Lollipop Source code released by Google for AOSP, a Administrator from Bagics Facebook Community posted out that

Asus Tablet, I Started to download 353MB update for Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. But I don’t want it now as I read reviews about that after Kitkat so many issues. It is now at 10% and unable to stop the download.. as long as WiFi connected it is continuing.. how to stop it downloading when I connected to wifi?

Well, it is not exact that the updates are causing problem directly to the phone, but the people who have limited internet usage don’t like to download Android Updates having many bugs in it, and one such friend wasn’t able to stop the update when WiFi was turned on. So to solve the problem most of the members in the group came up with various solutions, but nothing worked, Finally this is what we did to Stop Android update when the WiFi was Turned on.

How to Turn Off Downloading of Android OS updates?

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Well, this method would work for almost all the Existing Android Phones, but to be specific I will go with the Asus Tablet (as the member had it) So the problem was Unable to Turn off Downloading the Android OS update. Actually there is no Direct method to turn off Android OS updates in Asus Smartphones/Tablets once you begin Downloading the updates. Let’s begin with the method without wasting a minute.

[alert-note]For Turning off the Automatic Android OS update, Downloading should be in progress, once installed this won’t work.[/alert-note]

Downloading Android 4.4 KitKat update (Already in progress)

Android 4.4 Kitkat installation in asus The problem was faced realtime, so we have a screenshot of the Android update download (in progress screenshot).

In the Beside screenshot you can see that the Asus Tablet is downloading the Android 4.4 KitKat update released for it. But while downloading the update the Madhavi Priya found the reviews saying that the Android 4.4 KitKat update for Asus K012 comes with many bugs, so she wanted to turn-off the Downloading of the Android 4.4 KitKat update.

When we said to test the update, Because of limitations of Data usage she couldn’t download the KitKat update. Anyways who would like to see their Phone running with Bugs? I Hate it when I see some app not responding (unless externally not forced).

Because there was no Direct option to turn-off the Update which was being Downloaded. We had to use a very easy method, but unpopular among many Android users.

So you gotta do nothing but just bring down the notification bar and see that there is an Android Update Download going on, if you see the download going on then move to step 2. Else the download is not started yet, so nothing much to worry!

Keep Pressing the Android Update which appears in the Notifications.

Turn off automatic downloading of android os update

As mentioned in the above step, if there is any update going on in the phone then it would show in the notifications. To turn off Android Update Download, Keep Holding the Android Update Downloading Notification

Later you will see a tool-tip having “App info” in it as shown in the beside screenshot, Actually holding the notification for a long time enables us to know the app which is responsible for that notification and all events that occur because of that app. Once you see the “App info” tool tip just move to the next step.


Force Stop DMCLIENT App to Turn Off Android Updates

Force stop DM Client to turn off Android Updates in Asus   DM Client misbehaving pop-up after force closing it  DM Client Force closed 

To turn-off the Android Update which is getting downloaded, you will have to turn-off the app which is doing that, In case every Android Phones you would find a Client, Be it samsung or be it Sony or even be it Motorola or even Asus, any phone working on Android OS would have this client or app.

Our purpose here is to turn-off downloading of updates in the Android Phone, so we limit it to that and would not explore much about the DMCLIENT. So to turn-off the downloading of the Andorid Update we gotta Force Close the DMCLIENT, and when you click on Force Closing button, a pop-up would appear saying “Force Stopping may cause the App to misbehave” Just click “OK” and the DMCLIENT would be forcefully stopped and Later you would notice that the Android update which you were trying to stop from getting Downloaded, will automatically STOP. That’s it, You’ve successfully turned off the Android update which was getting Downloaded.

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  1. On my MotoX I don’t see a “DMCLIENT” app. (Right now I turned off wifi to stop the KitKat system download at 25%.) However I do see an app called “Download Manager”. So is “Download Manager” the app you would Force Stop to stop the KitKat download (that I never authorized)? Or might “DMCLIENT” be called something else on the MotoX?

  2. i have a micromax canvas a1. a few days back i got a notification saying that my phone is eligible to upgrade to the new version (lollipop). i started downloading it, later decided not to. which i was unable to..even after reading your article.
    because the thing is..there is no notification in the notification screen..but the download keeps going on in the background.

  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Tab. Android 5.0 (Lollipop) has downloaded but has not installed due to lack of space on my hard drive. I do not want it to install. How can I removed the downloaded Lollipop to make sure it does not install?

  4. Above steps i have already followed but this continues again if my data is enabled once again, so this step is not solving my problem. Any other solution ?

  5. @praveenkarande:disqus once you’ve completed the above steps you are required to go to settings and turn-off automatic android updates and reboot your phone. That’s all you have to do, in case it still doesn’t work then do send us your device model, We’ll be up with specific guide for your device.

  6. @subhambapna:disqus Very Thanks for your suggestions, i tried and it worked. Bingo !!!

  7. I did all the above steps but still my System Update is ongoing.
    Please help me to stop this .
    I have got ASUS Zenfone2 Laser

  8. Before downloading it checks whether your phone has enough storage for the Installation or not, in case it doesn’t find space then you won’t be able to download it! So you don’t have to worry about the space left after downloading but not installing the Firmware update. 🙂

  9. Download can’t happen in the background, Whenever there is any sort of android os update you will always see a notification of the amount of files which have been downloaded and the amount of files which are yet to be downloaded.

    So just scroll down the notification bar and find out which is the app responsible for download android updates on your phone and force close it and disable that app! That’s all, You can follow the above steps and find a solution! In case you don’t please get back in touch!

  10. So might be that you just disabled it after it completely downloaded the firmware of your phone! Generally if not downloaded, it can’t be installed as it comes in the form of one single file!

  11. Hello, I have got ASUS Zenfone2 laser,actually from few days whenever I keep my cell for charging it automatically restart by showing android is upgrading. Why is that hapening? how do I stop that?

  12. Hello i have a samsung galaxy s6 and i can’t get rid of the software update download…whenever i turn on wi-fi it downloads a little bit more..i tried turning off the Automatic Update, and disabling the download manager, but i do not have any app called DMCLIENT…it says that the app responsible for software download is called just that, Software Update….but in the app manager does not allow me to disable or force stop it without root !

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