Mac Hacks: How to Select All on Mac and 4 More Must-Know Shortcuts for Mac Users

select all shortcut mac

You should know about select all shortcut mac. Macs now account for about 10% of all personal computers, which means that Apple products are some of the most popular laptop and desktop options on the market today.

If you’re a Mac owner, we know you love how much more convenient everything is — not to mention all of the cool hacks and features your Mac provides.

However, especially if you’re still getting used to the Mac operating system, it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out how menu options, desktop icons/program names, and even file storage are different from Windows.

You’re especially ready to learn about how popular Mac shortcuts on keyboards can help you to find files and complete actions faster and select all shortcut mac.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to select all on Mac, how to quickly search through your files, and many other Mac shortcuts we know you’ll love.

A more efficient workday is just around the corner.

Select All Shortcut Mac

First, let’s talk about how to select all on Mac.

This is the perfect shortcut for those who are tired of manually highlighting all their text and clicking “copy” or “cut” in drop-down menu options. Often, while trying to click on the menu, you end up clicking outside the text which, frustratingly, de-selects the highlighted text.

select all shortcut mac
select all shortcut mac

With the select all shortcut on Mac, those days are behind you.

Select All Shortcut Mac Keyboard

All you have to do is press the “command” button at the bottom left of your keyboard, then click the “a” letter while still holding down the command button.

To learn how to copy and paste on a Macbook with shortcuts, once the text is highlighted, press “command+c” to copy and “command+v” to paste and work with select all shortcut mac

How to Search on Mac

There are two different ways to search on Mac.

First, let’s cover how you can search through existing files on your computer without having to manually click on the “Finder” icon.

There’s a simple shortcut to enter Mac’s Spotlight Search, which allows you to type the name of the file or application you’re looking for into a simple search bar. (Click here to learn about other Spotlight Search capabilities.)

All you have to do is click the “command+spacebar” button one right after the other, and the search bar will appear.

Mac Search Show Path

Now, let’s discuss the shortcut for select all shortcut mac.

This is especially handy if you’re trying to find a specific paragraph/word in a document or on a web page.

To get started, click anywhere on the page/document you wish to search through. Then, hit “command+F.” A small search bar will appear at the top righthand corner of your screen. Just type the name/phrase/word you’re looking for, press enter, and the Mac will highlight all instances of the word in the text.

Opening New Windows Online

Some of the most popular Mac shortcuts are designed to make opening up new windows and tabs online as simple as possible.

If you’re browsing and want to open up a new tab, not an entirely new window, click the webpage you currently have open. Then, just press “command+t” to have a new Internet browser open up.

Replacement Windows Online

But what about if you want to open up an entirely new window when browsing online?

Just click “command+n” to have an entirely new window open up.

PS: if you’re in Word or another program, you can use the “command+n” shortcut to create any kind of a new window.

Quick Commands

Now, let’s talk about some of the most common shortcuts you’ll likely need to use on your Mac.

To save a document, just hit “command+s.”

If you’re looking to print, try “command+p.”

Need to hide the windows you have open if your boss or even someone you’re buying a gift for suddenly enters the room? Just click “command+h” and watch your windows be automatically minimized.

Click and Command

If you need to undo a previous action, then click “command+z.” To redo your last action, simply click “command+shift+z.”

Need to move items into your computer’s recycling bin? Simply select the items you need to delete, then click “command+d.” Once you’re ready to empty your recycling bin completely, hit “command+shift+option+delete.”

Just remember that once you do this, you won’t be able to get anything you’ve put in the recycling bin back!

Need a little bit of help finding any misspelled words in your document? You can click and pull down the spellcheck option from the menu. Or, you can simply press the “command+;” shortcut to make checking even faster select all shortcut mac.

Of course, there are also other, more complex, Mac shortcuts, like Terminal Commands. Once you’re comfortable with some of the simpler shortcuts on this list, check out pages like to learn more complex methods.

Make the Most of These Awesome Mac Shortcuts

Now that you know more about how to select all on Mac and some of the most-used Mac shortcuts, we know that you’re curious about all the other incredible things your Mac is capable of.

Whether you’re working with a laptop computer, a desktop, or even a tablet, Mac’s programs are some of the most user-friendly options available today. Plus, they’re incredibly efficient and can help you to finish up your daily tasks faster in select all shortcut mac.

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