Rooting the phones is no more a difficult task. The web is full of tutorials and step-by-step guides for rooting different devices. There were days when people were afraid of losing the warranty of their smartphones, but these majority of the android smartphone users are not afraid about rooting their smartphones.

Yuphoria Yu Rooting Guide{adinserter 3}Many new smartphone brands like ‘Xiaomi’, ‘OnePlus’ don’t void the warranty of the phone even if it is rooted. Micromax launched the YU smartphone series for the phones which will come with pre-installed Cyanogen OS. Recently YU Yuphoria was added to the series in the form of successor to the YU Yureka. In this guide, I’ll be guiding with the steps to root the YU Yuphoria.

How to Root YU Yuphoria Easily?

For those who don’t know about rooting, rooting is the process through which one gets access to the special superuser in the Android smartphone. Such special permissions are required to do tasks, which are related to the internals of the android phone. Have you decided about rooting your YU Yuphoria? Let’s make it easier for you, just follow the below listed steps. Before beginning the steps, there are certain things you will require.


  • Download Rooting Kit for YU Yuphoria.

Other Pre-Requisites.

  • Enable USB Debugging
    Go to Settings → About Phone → Do multiple clicks [7 times] on Build number (You get Developer Access). Go back to Settings → Developer Options → Enable USB Debugging
  • Backup your data
    In today’s age of many backup options and auto-sync backing up data is not a headache at all. But we wold suggest you re-do it because there might be some files to which you loose access once you root your YU Yuphoria.
  • Sufficient charge
    It is suggested to keep minimum of 80% charge in your handset when you are rooting. Better be safe than sorry. What say?

Have everything ready? Then what are you waiting for, Let’s begin with the steps to root your YU Yuphoria. 

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Step 1: Unlock bootloader of YU Yuphoria

  1. Extract the abd_fastboot in a folder in your laptop/PC.
  2. Restart your device. It goes into Fastboot mode. Connect your device with the PC and continuously press the Volume Up key to power up your device.
  3. Which you handle the Fastboot mode, the Windows starts installing YU Yuphoria drivers on your PC.
  4. Once the drivers are installed, go to folder where you extracted abd_fastboot folder in your PC. Open the command window here.
  5. You will see a command prompt on your PC screen. Enter “fastboot -i 0x2A96 devices“. It shows your YU Yuphoria which is in Fastboot mode and is connected to the PC.
  6. To unlock bootloader of your device enter “fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock“.
  7. Once the bootloader is unlocked, reboot your phone with “fastboot -i 0x2A96 reboot“.

Step 2: HotBoot CMW Recovery.

Doesn’t this sound too technical? No worries we are here with the steps to hotboot CMW Recovery on YU Yuphoria.?

  1. Copy the Super SU file from the rooting kit to your SD card.
  2. When yo are done, copy the Yuphoria-cwm recovery file in the adb_fastboot folder of your device.
  3. Enter the fastboot mode in your device. Constantly press power up the device with the Volume up button when the device is connected to the PC.
  4. Open the command window by pressing the Shift Key and Right Mouse Button in the folder where you extracted the adb_fastboot files.
  5. Enter “fastboot -i 0x2A96 boot yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img” to flash cwm recovery on YU Yuphoria.

Step 3: Final, Rooting the YU Yuphoria.

All the above steps we followed were to reach this step, because this the final step and after completing this step you will have a rooted YU Yuphoria in your hand. So let’s begin? Here you go:

How to root YU Yuphoria?

  1. Enter Recovery mode of your device my simply pressing the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons.
    In Recovery Mode, you use the Volume Buttons to navigate and Power Button to select.
  2. Look for the ‘install zip from SD card’ and select it.
  3. Now look for the Super SU file which you had copied in the SD card sometime back.
  4. Once the Super SU file is selected, you have root access to YU Yuphoria.

We would be happy to hear from you your rooting experience in the comments below. Also, drop in your precious experiences with the freshly rooted YU Yuphoria.

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