So thinking to install a Custom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S3? So Before installing any Custom ROM the SuperUser inside the Phone should permit you to access the Root! So in this post I’ll be dealing with “What is rooting” and “How to Root a Samsung Galaxy S3”

Root a Samsung Galaxy S3 without computer

What is Rooting ?

To Begin with I’ll start with Rooting, Rooting is the process by which a normal Android user can get access to the SuperUser, A SuperUser is a special user in an Android Phone who has access to the Special Permissions which are required at the time of Installing Custom ROMs, not only that sometimes there are some Apps also which requires root access.

Technically Rooting is the process through which a Normal User gets access to the rights of the SuperUser and using this rights a normal user can make Changes in the Phones at an Ease. Hope it’s clear, if not, read it again so that you get a clear idea of what ‘Rooting’ is.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3?

There are many advantages of rooting and many disadvantages. I won’t tell all as our purpose is not to know the advantages and disadvantages of rooting, but still one disadvantage is Warranty gets void after rooting a Smartphone” well, this is something which would change the decision of the user that’s why I said it! Don’t care about the warranty? then why wait let’s begin!

[alert-announce]This Guide Assumes that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has CWM Recovery Installed in it![/alert-announce]

Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 without Computer.

You’ve gone through the “Rooting process” and are aware of what is rooting, So now let’s begin the rooting of the Phone, well the rooting methods are almost same for most of the Smartphones but the File to be installed matters.

Neither DroidMen nor Subham Bapna (Author) would be responsible for the Damage caused at the time of following this guide! This is tested on the Indian Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone and is working for all the S3 Phones (Exclude Verizon, Sprint and other carrier based S3's

Follow the steps listed below :

Step 1 : Download the CWM SuperSu Zip File

To Root the Samsung Galaxy S3 you will need to install the CWM SuperSu Zip File, this file has the script which will enable the SuperUser in your Phone.


Step 2 : Place the Zip File

Well, if you have downloaded the File from your Computer then connect the Phone to the computer and store CWM-SuperSu Zip File in the Phone’s SD Card or Internal storage. This is because without this file you cannot Root the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It is recommended to keep the Zip File in the Outermost Location of the SD Card, because it becomes easy and Fast for the CWM recovery to find the file and install it as well. Storing the Internal storage usually won’t cause any trouble, but if some problem arises you may mess up with the Phone’s internal.

Step 3 : Reboot into Recovery Mode

After placing the CWM SuperSu Zip File in the Phone (SD Card/Internal Storage), It’s time to install the File so that you get access to the Root. You can switch off your Phone and Boot into recovery mode using the key combinations, but key combinations always suck and sometimes they cause delay in action as well, so you can use the method to : Reboot into recovery mode without pressing key combinations

Step 4 : Install the Zip

After rebooting/booting into Recovery mode, you’re close to the installation part.

Click on Install Zip from SD Card » Choose zip from SD Card/Internal Storage (Depending on the place of storage of the file)

Navigate to the location where you placed the CWM SuperSu Zip File, after finding the file you can confirm the installation by clicking on “Yes” after that you’ll see some text moving very quickly. After that Reboot the Phone by clicking on Reboot system now. 

That’s it! Now you can install Custom ROM, you can try Installing the Paranoid Android 4.6 Beta ROM based on Android L and enjoy the material design of Android L which is not launched yet on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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