Rooting is the process through which a normal user gets access to the superuser. A Superuser is a special user which has access to special permissions which a normal user doesn’t have. In short rooting is the process through which a normal user gets access to the special permissions.


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Samsung Galaxy S4, successor to the Galaxy S3 has been one of the most used device among people, Though a high-end phone with a good hardware, but the Galaxy S4 comes with many issues which sometimes makes it sluggish and makes it overheated. The problem is not a hardware problem, the problem is because of the way Samsung manages the resources isn’t the way it should. Root access enables a normal user to install new kernel, install new ROM, overclock the CPU and do much more with the android phone. In this guide, I’ll be guiding with the steps to root your Galaxy S4.


  • Backup of all your data. (Nandroid backup)
  • Sufficient charge in Galaxy S4 (Above 80% recommended).

Rooting Samsung devices void the warranty of the device, in case you haven’t rooted before it is recommended to follow the steps in a proper sequence and correctly. However, if you don’t want to lose the warranty, then just make a factory reset and your Galaxy S4 would work charm again.

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How to root your Galaxy S4-I9505?

Step I : Download Chairfire Auto-Root package and Odin v3.09 in you laptop/PC.

The Chainfire Auto-Root package is the package which has the root script which would root your Android Device. If you don’t download it then you won’t be able to flash the script, and you won’t be able to root your Galaxy S4.

Odin v3.09 is a tool which provides a GUI to play around with the Kernel, ROM, Recovery etc. on Galaxy Devices. There are many other ways to play around, but this works like charm.

Step II : Boot Galaxy S4 into Download Mode.

Switch off your mobile. Now press the Volume Down and Power Button simultaneously. The phone screen comes alive. Some instructions are flashed. Follow them to achieve the ‘Download Mode’ in your phone.

Step III : Connect Galaxy S4 on your system and Flash the root script.

Make sure the USB Debugging mode is enabled in your handset. Open the software Odin v3.09 in your laptop/desktop. Connect your phone to the computer now. One of the COM boxes(on top) will turn yellow. It will contain a COM Port Number.

In Odin v3.09, click on PDA. Select the Chainfire’s Auto Root package. Check the Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time in Odin v3.09. Don’t alter any other setting. All done, hit the START button. The rooting starts. The device will reboot it self because you had checked the Auto Reboot option in Step IV. The superSU binaries will also get set.

And, you are done! Switch the phone the usual way and you get a freshly rooted your Samsung Galaxy G4. Was it difficult? In case you felt any difficulties do contact us. We’ll try to help your problem.

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