So, you’re looking for tips and tricks on how you can better optimize your Mac for gaming.

You know that Mac computers are more than capable of playing games, but, so far, you haven’t gotten the results that you’re looking for when trying to do so.

Well, there are a few things that you can do to improve your Mac gaming experience. From knowing how to use your computer the right way to picking up a few accessories, it doesn’t take too much to make gaming on a Mac more enjoyable!

In this article, we’ll break down 7 things you can do to optimize your Mac for gaming. We’ll also tell you about a few common mistakes that you need to avoid, so you can get the most out of your Mac when playing games.

Now then, let’s get started

1. Remove Your Desktop Clutter

If you’re looking for an easy way to speed up your Mac computer, and you don’t want to invest in new gear, take a few seconds to declutter your desktop.

Doing so will not only help your Mac run faster, especially after starting up, but will also help improve your mental health.

Remember, Mac has a really cool feature called Stacks that allows you to organize your desktop without removing any files. With that being said, folders, as well as relocating items to other areas of your computer, will give you the best results.

2. Close All Unused Apps

One of the quickest ways to slow down your computer is to run too many apps or programs at once. And while this isn’t normally an issue, it can be when you’re doing something as demanding as playing games.

So, before you fire up your favorite game, be sure to close all programs that you’re not using. This will give you the best results when gaming, allowing you to avoid any lagging and overheating issues in the process.

Speaking of apps, if you don’t have it already, visit to download Steam today. It’s one of the best apps to use to find new games today, including awesome free ones, making the decision to try it out a no-brainer.

3. Let Your Computer Breathe

If you’ve already tried to game on your Mac, you’ve most likely noticed that it tends to overheat when running demanding games. This is especially true if you’re gaming on a MacBook, and you can literally feel the heat coming from your computer on your lap.

Not many apps you use are as demanding as playing a game like Fortnite on your Mac. So, before you open a game, make sure your Mac is sitting on a flat surface and has room to breathe so it doesn’t overheat.

4. Invest in an External Hard Drive

One of the best places to organize your files is on an external hard drive.

Having all of your larger files, like music, pictures, and videos, located on external hard drives can speed up your Mac tremendously. This will also allow you to expand your Mac’s hard drive for an affordable price, which is a huge bonus.

5. Pick Up a USB Gaming Controller

One of the biggest differences between console gaming and computer gaming is the use of a mouse and keyboard. That means if you’re coming over to Mac gaming from console gaming, you might not be a big fan of using your Mac’s mouse and keyboard to play.

If you haven’t already, you should pick up a USB controller to enhance your gaming experience.

USB controllers, like the ones that fit your PS4 and Xbox One, work great and can give you a familiar feel that makes playing games on your Mac that much more fun.

6. Purchase a Gaming Monitor

Most iMac monitors are more than suitable for gaming. But if you have a MacBook, those smaller screens aren’t the best way to play games for long periods of time.

The solution to this problem? Purchase a new gaming monitor for your MacBook!

Gaming monitors, especially older models, continue to decrease in price each year. That means you can get a large, curved gaming monitor for cheap, allowing you to take your gaming setup to the next level while staying within your budget.

7. Upgrade Your Gaming Chair

When it comes to gaming, comfort is key.

Simply put, you’re not going to want to play any game for very long if your back starts to hurt within the first few minutes.

To combat this issue, pick up a comfortable gaming chair in the near future. You’ll quickly realize that it’s the magic piece that your current setup was missing this entire time!

How to Optimize Your Mac for Gaming: A Guide

Well, there you have it! A guide on how you can better optimize your Mac for gaming!

Remember, decluttering your desktop and cleaning up your files is the perfect place to start when optimizing your Mac for gaming. Doing so will make your PC run faster, as well as help improve your mental health, which is a good thing.

When you’re gaming, be sure to closeout all unused apps. Letting your computer focus on gaming and gaming only will help you play games without frame drop issues, as well as prevent overheating.

Looking for a few accessories that you can buy to improve your Mac gaming experience? Pick up a USB gaming controller, or a new gaming chair, so you can make gaming that much more fun!

On the hunt for more Mac tips and tricks? Check out our blog!

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