If you have opted to go the self-publishing route with your book, the next step is to know how to market your book yourself as well. Marketing is actually half the battle. It is certainly going to be impossible for people to find your book unless you don’t direct them to your book.

This can prove to be a little bit tricky if you are new to this book writing, publishing, and marketing thing, and nobody really knows about you yet. How are you going to draw attention to the fact that your book is out there and that it is worth a read?

Market yourself on your very own Website

For starters, as a newbie, those who you believe will be interested in your book should know a little about you too as the author. That is why a good idea would be to have a website where you can build up your brand persona.

People will get to know you on the website where you will have an ‘about me’, a photo of yourself, contact details, links to find you on social media, such as Facebook, possibly some excerpts from your books and certainly a link to buy your book.

You want your website to rank well in organic searches, so do keyword research appropriate to marketing your book, so that those who want to, can find you!

Everybody is on Social Media

Social media marketing is a super way to market your book, but also yourself as the author, and the best part is that it is most times free. You just have to be consistent and regular on social media and if something is happening on social media that can promote you and your book you have to strike while the iron is hot, or lose your opportunities to somebody else.

Self-published books are big when it comes to ebook sales which is good for self-publishing authors. In fact, the Internet is fantastic for individual authors trying to get their name more known. It has opened up the door for first-time authors to have a chance with writing a book and to share their work with multitudes of people.

Self-Publishing Companies give you a Helping Hand

Once you have decided on self-publishing, there are a number of self-publishing companies. The best self-publishing companies are sought after by independent authors.

They offer some useful services such as cover design, professional book editing and other useful services such as manuscript conversion formats ready for publishing.

Digital Marketing Gets you Recognized far Quicker

A benefit of self-publishing is that digital marketing is so much quicker than traditional methods and this simply means more money into your bank account quicker than ever before.

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