Even after passage of a year the Oneplus One smartphone is still in demand. The specs make people call that phone a beast. The performance of the phone has won the hearts of the people. These days changing roms and kernels have become popular. Android Stock recovery comes with a limited set of features hence we install custom recoveries like TWRP, Clockworkmod etc.

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These recoveries are similar to the stock Android recovery but comes with some additional features. Custom recoveries acts as a base to perform actions like flashing new ROM, kernels etc. So in this guide I’ll be guiding you with the steps to install TWRP recovery in OnePlus One smartphone.

Installing TWRP Recovery on OnePlus One.

Installing of TWRP recovery is very easy if you’ve already spent time flashing recoveries, in case you haven’t you’ll learn it, because it is easy to install. So lets begin with the step-by-step guide and get the TWRP recovery flashed into the OnePlus One.


  • TWRP Recovery IMG File for OnePlus One [Download the Latest version]
  • Download Android Platform Tools – ADB and Fastboot.
  • Universal ADB Drivers for Windows PC
  • OnePlus One smartphone with 80%+ Battery charge.

Step 1 : Download the TWRP Recovery and Platform Tools.

TWRP Recovery is what we are going to flash into the OnePlus One, The IMG File consists of the recovery to be flashed, and without that you won’t have anything to install so download it.

Download the Android Platform tools which consists of ADB and Fastboot which will be used to flash the TWRP recovery in your phone, they’ll also help in unlocking the bootloader of your OnePlus One.

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The Universal ADB Drivers will help in interaction between your Windows PC and your OnePlus One. Without this your device won’t get recognized in your system so downloading this is must.

Once you’ve downloaded all the above mentioned items, Transfer the TWRP Recovery into the Platform Tools folder (Android Platform Tools) which you’ve downloaded.

Step 2 : Boot your OnePlus One into FastBoot mode.

Fastboot mode is a special mode which would allow the Fastboot installed in your PC to interact with your smartphone using the ADB driver. To boot your Oneplus One Turn it off and hold Volume up + Power Key. 

Now connect your phone to your computer system using an USB cable and right click the “platform-tools” folder holding the “shift key” and then  click on “Open Command window here” and type “fastboot devices” to check whether your phone got detected or not. If it gets detected then head towards step 3.

Step 3 : Unlocking Bootloader using Fastboot Command.

[pullquote]Unlocking Bootloader will wipe all data in your phone, Take the backup in your Hard disk of the data you want, to prevent unwanted loss of data.[/pullquote]

In the command prompt type fastboot oem unlock. This command will unlock the bootloader of your OnePlus One. Then a window saying “Unlock Bootloader?” might appear on your Phone screen click on “Yes, Unlock the bootloader”. That’s it you’ve unlocked the bootloader successfully, the device will be rebooted automatically!

Step 4 : Enable USB Debugging Mode & Disable CM Recovery Protection.

It might take some extra time for your phone to boot, keep calm and wait for it to reboot. After it gets started, Go to Settings → About Phone → Tap Build Number 7 Times. Now go to Settings → Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging Mode.

To Disable CM Recovery Protection :

Go to Settings → Developer Options → Uncheck CM Recovery option.

That’s all you’ve successfully enabled USB Debugging mode and have disabled the default CM recovery which comes in the OnePlus One.

Step 5 : Installing TWRP Recovery on OnePlus One.

Now turn off your OnePlus One and Boot into Fastboot mode (Check Step 2) to know the steps to boot into fastboot mode, once booted connect your device to your PC and type :

fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

If you’ve changed the name after downloading the TWRP Recovery IMG File then use the command :

fastboot flash recovery <name you've used.img> (without < >)

then run another command :

fastboot reboot

That’s it you’ve successfully installed the TWRP Recovery in your OnePlus One smartphone, to boot into TWRP Recovery turn off your phone and hold the Volume Down + Power Button together, You will see the TWRP Recovery in your phone. Was that difficult? Not able to install TWRP Recovery in your OnePlus One, Comment or get in touch, we will get in personal touch and help you install it!

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