How to install resurrection remix in Android Lollipop is said to be the best ever Android update which has taken place ever.

Because lots of changes internally and opening up lots of APIs the Custom ROMs are taking a lot of time even though the Android Lollipop Source Code for AOSP was released long back.

How to Install Resurrection Remix OS?

On the other hand we have the Android phone which has already been the Best Smartphone of the year 2020, and because lots of people still using it and its high-end configurations, the Phone still supports Android Lollipop and don’t know how to install resurrection remix.

The Official updates for the Galaxy S3 International version ended at Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. But the Custom ROMs make people love Android more, so the Galaxy S3 even got the Android KitKat and now it has finally received a stable Android Lollipop ROM which would run without bugs to resurrection remix os.

In this post I’ll be guiding resurrection remix OS CM Based resurrection remix how to install Android Lollipop ROM in your Android phone. Yes, Did you expect CM12 to come? Even I was but because of lots of Bugs the Cyanogen team is solving the bugs.

There was another ROM Called Nameless 6.0 ROM which came into existence but installing it didn’t work for many people and caused boot loops and many such problems, but in this post you’ll be able to successfully install Android Lollipop in your Android phone without any issues and easily with how to install resurrection remix!

Do you know how to flash stock firmware/ROM on Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge? Read the post to know more.

How to Install Resurrection Remix OS Android Lollipop ROM in Galaxy S3 ?

Enough of all the Android Lollipop Custom ROMs available for the Galaxy S3 and Lets begin with the steps to install the Resurrection Remix Android Lollipop ROM in your Galaxy S3.

In fact this is not just Android 5.0 but it is the latest bug free Android 5.0.2 which solves lots of bugs which existed in Android 5.0. Follow the below steps :

Things Required :

Step 1 : Download the CM-Resurrection Remix Android Lollipop ROM and Google Apps

The CM-resurrection remix how to install in Android Lollipop ROM is the latest Android 5.0.2 Based Custom Android Lollipop ROM for the Galaxy S3 which would be installed in your Phone.

The top of that we would need the Google Apps for Android Lollipop for Google Services to run properly on your Galaxy S3. Once you’ve downloaded them place them to the outer most folder of your SD Card.

Step 2 : Install the Resurrection Remix Android Lollipop ROM

If you haven’t rooted your Galaxy S3 yet, then do root it else you won’t be able to install the Custom ROM, Read : How to root Galaxy S3 without Computer if you want to root your Galaxy S3 without a computer system. After rooting you need to install a custom recovery, you can go with any recovery of your choice but it is recommended to install TWRP Recovery. Once you’re done with Rooting and Recovery resurrection remix OS.

Reboot your Phone into Recovery Mode by pressing the Recovery Mode Key Combinations, alternatively you can follow “Reboot into Recovery Mode without Pressing Keys” and follow any one. Once you boot into recovery mode, The actions would depend on the recovery installed.

You can also take a nandroid backup (to avoid loss of data in case you are not able to flash android lollipop in your phone)

How to Install Resurrection Remix OS for Android Lollipop ROM?

Go to Install and Select the Zip File, now select the CM-Resurrection Remix Android Lollipop ROM and then Flash it, once you’ve flashed it, Flash the Google Apps which you downloaded from the above link. Once you are done with it Clear the internal storage, cache, dalvik cache and reboot system.

Download Resurrection Remix 6.0 (Android 8.1 Oreo)

That’s it you’ve successfully installed CM-Resurrection Remix Android Lollipop ROM in Galaxy S3 successfully without any problems. In case the Phone doesn’t works, get back into recovery mode and restore the nandroid backup taken by resurrection remix OS 6.0.

Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen, Nor the Author would be responsible in case of any damage caused while or after installing the custom ROM Android 8.1 Oreo. But in case you fail to install, post here and I will try solving your problem at the level best from our Android News section!

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