Lineage OS has been making it to the news quite frequently over the past few days. There have been numerous stories around it, and for good reasons too.Get guide on how to install Lineage OS.

Following Cyanogen Inc. shutting down on the 31st of December, Lineage OS has now taken over, and will soon be seen dominating the markets when it comes to the world of custom ROMs. However, the question that a lot of people are still asking is that of how to install Lineage OS.

how to install lineage os

Installing Lineage OS is quite an easy task, and users can easily do it with the help of TWRP and Custom Recovery. This process is even easier for those users who have installed a Custom ROM in the past, and especially the CyanogenMod will know how to install the LineageOS as well.

Installing LineageOS is quite similar to installing any other custom ROM, with the only major difference being the installation of Gapps. Let us take a detailed look at the steps involve in the process of easiest way to install Lineage OS.

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How to Install Lineage OS using TWRP Recovery?

Before we begin, we strongly advise the users to back up all their valuable data. The basic pre-requisites for installing the Lineage OS ROM on your smartphone is that you should have TWRP Recovery or Custom Recovery pre-installed onto your device.

Following that, users need to keep their Lineage OS and Nougat Gapps files ready as well. Let us now look at how to install Lineage OS using TWRP:

Easiest Way to Install Lineage OS

  1. After downloading the Lineage OS ROM files, users need to transfer them and the Gapps Lineage OS to the internal storage of the device they want to install it on.
  2. Users then need to boot their smartphone on to the TWRP Recovery.
  3. In the menu of the TWRP Recovery, users need to select the option of ‘Wipe’, and then proceed to select ‘Swipe to Factory Reset’ which appears on the bottom of the screen.
  4. After that, users need to go to the TWRP main menu again, and then go to ‘Install’, and select the Lineage OS ROM’s zipped file, which they transferred to the internal storage of their phone during Step 1.
  5. After the selection of this zipped file, users need to select the ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash’ option that they see on the bottom of the screen. The installation has now begun. Please note that this might take some time to finish. Ensure your phone is fully charged before you begin.
  6. After the installation of the ROM, users would see a Wipe Cache/Dalvik option. After selection of that option, users need to hit the ‘Swipe to Wipe’ option on the bottom of the screen.
  7. Users then need to go through the same process again, but this time with the Gapps instead of the Lineage OS file.
  8. After both, the Lineage OS and the Gapps have been flashed, users need to reboot their device for one last time.

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