Not much time has passed since Motorola announced the Moto E 2nd Gen in the International market, It’s just 3 days passed since the Moto E 2nd gen was launched in India, and here’s a guide which will enable you to install the CM12 (CyanogenMod 12) in the Moto E 2nd Gen.

Moto E

Though the Moto E 2nd Gen works smooth with the stock Motorola’s firmware it has, but the geeks out here don’t chill when they see a new Phone without a Custom ROM/ Firmware flashed into it. These days, the development of the things are faster than they were before, people have not yet bought the device yet and developers have developed a new firmware for the Phone. Without wasting some more time discussing about the fast development, let’s begin with the steps to install CM12 in the Moto E 2nd Gen.

Steps to Flash/Install CM12 in Moto E 2nd Gen [2015]

So ready? Want to remove Motorola’s Firmware and the apps from your Moto E 2nd Gen? No problem let’s begin, before beginning with the steps to flash. There are some pre-requisites for installing the CM12 in your Phone. I’m listing them below.


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  • Moto E 2nd Gen (The Smartphone itself)
  • Unlocked Bootloader and Rooted Moto E 2nd Gen
  • Custom Recovery  (TWRP/CWM recovery installed)
  • 80% + charge in your Phone.
  • Download the latest nightly from here.
  • Download the GAPPs from here or here.

Once you are ready with all the Pre-requisites, you get a green signal from our end to begin with the steps to see the CM12 ROM in your Moto E 2nd Gen.

[alert-announce]Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen nor the Author would be responsible in case any damage is caused while installing or after installing the CM12 in your Moto E 2nd Gen.[/alert-announce]

Step  1 : Transfer the Downloaded files to your SD card/Internal Storage.

Above I’ve linked the CM12 and Google Apps, Download them, place them into your Internal Storage or SD card without extracting them, You can create different directory to place the files, but it would be best if you transfer both the files at the root directory.

Step 2 : Reboot/Boot into Recovery Mode.

Above I’ve already mentioned the pre-requisites i.e. the Phone should have an unlocked bootloader and should be rooted, in case you’ve not done that then you are requested to take help of google/xda and follow some guides and get your Moto E 2015 rooted and do install a custom recovery in your Phone.

If you are ready with the pre-requisites then it’s time to reboot/boot your Moto E 2nd gen into recovery mode, there are key combinations which will help you boot into recovery mode : Hold the Volume Up + Power Button. In case you are uncomfortable with the Pressing key method and booting into recovery mod then follow : QuickBoot Android App to Reboot into recovery mode without pressing keys

Nandroid Backup is a feature which comes in recoveries which enable you to take the backup of the current ROM which is installed in your Smartphone so that in case the custom ROM you are going install if not successfully installed or in case it has some bugs then you can revert back to old ROM which was working smoothly. Hence we recommend it!

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Step 3 : Install the CM12 ROM and Google Apps.

So here’s the main part of the post, it’s very easy to follow, Above you downloaded the CM12 ROM for Moto E 2nd Gen depending on the recovery you will see different options, but the basic steps would be clicking on “Install Zip/ Install Zip from SD Card” select any of those options and flash the CM12 ROM for Moto E 2nd Gen which you’ve downloaded, clear cache and flash the Google apps by the same method you used to install CM12.

That’s all! You’ve successfully installed Cyanogen’s CM12 ROM for Moto E 2nd Gen in your Moto E 2nd Gen. It is said that the ROM has a lot of bugs and can’t be handled at an ease, hence we recommend you again to take the nandroid backup of the stock firmware of your Moto E 2nd Gen to be at the safe side.

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  1. seriously? Just flash a nightly and gapps? I think if you’ve managed to root your device and have TWRP or CWM installed you’d know how to do that……

  2. 16-05-2015 – Condor Nightly Build Works Perfect..!!!
    I just unlocked my bootloader just to root it. I was using the soak test update of lollypop. Unfortunately, I wiped out dalvik cache by mistake and hence downloaded this update.
    Extremely happy with this update.
    1) Works superfast when compared to the soak test lollypop
    2) Lot of space as internal memory for application installation.
    3) UI Rocks..
    4) I use greenify usually. Battery stays a bit longer than before i hope.. Not 100% tested, yet its considerably ok. Overall a great one..!!!

  3. The first picture doesn’t show the Moto E2. It shows the Moto E.
    You should change that

  4. The CM12.1 ROM states condor i.e its for the first gen moto E. The title is wrong.

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