Samsung Galaxy S3 which was awarded as the Best Smartphone in the Year 2012, But with time passage of time it was announced that the S3 won’t get any Android updates after Android 4.3 JellyBean, and yes officially there were no Android updates for the Galaxy S3.

cyanogenmod-12-cm12-android-lollipop-note-3-t-mobileGoogle released the Android Lollipop OS just few days back, being one of the devices I own, I wanted to install Android Lollipop in S3, but didn’t find any Bug-Free ROM for S3. In this post I’ll be sharing with you How to install CM12 in Galaxy S3 so that you can have a look at how Android Lollipop would look on the S3.

How to Install CM12 in S3?

As said above this tutorial is about installing CM12 Android Lollipop ROM in S3, it won’t be the normal TouchWiz Based ROM so if you think it is Android Lollipop ROM based on TouchWiz Framework for S3, then you are at a wrong place. So Let’s begin with the guide to install the CM12 in Galaxy S3.

Before Beginning Let me tell you that the CM12 ROM is under-development, though many of the errors are solved but there might be some problems still existing (might be). According to the test I made, it was ok, but the main features such as SIM Card Detection, Mobile Data, WiFi was not working and for now have reverted back to the ROM which I was using!

This is just a short description on “Installation on Android Lollipop in S3” Below you would find a detailed guide, so what you have to do is simply download the CM12 Unofficial Build for S3 and the Arter Kernel for S3 and if you have a rooted Galaxy S3, then reboot into recovery mode and install the CM12 Android Lollipop ROM First and then the Kernel, then clear the cache and dalvik cache and reboot into system.

[alert-announce]Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen nor the Author would be Responsible incase any damage is caused prior, while, and after the installation of the CM12 Android Lollipop ROM for S3.[/alert-announce]

Things Required

As mentioned earlier you will require some pre-requisites to install Android Lollipop on Internation Galaxy S3, here are the list of things which you would require to install CM12 ROM in S3 :

  • Rooted Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300 AKA International version)
  • Custom Recovery Installed
  • CM 12 for Galaxy S3

Step 1 : Root Galaxy S3

We require a Rooted Phone to get access to SuperUser in our Phone, which would enable us to install the Custom ROM and the Arter Kernel. In case you’ve already rooted then head to Step 2 else learn How to root Galaxy S3 without computer (for people who don’t prefer using computers for rooting) , if you would like to root s3 with computer then a google search might help you, but I personally prefer rooting a Phone without computer.

Step 2 : Custom Recovery to be Installed

Custom Recovery would save you to install the ROM without knowing much about the code which works in the background, it is like a Interface between you and the Phone which makes installation and many stuffs easy. In case you already have a Custom Recovery installed then please head to step 3 else install a TWRP or ClockworkMod Recovery (Google Search)

I’m mentioning Google search because the motive of our article is to install Android Lollipop in S3, it’s not about installing a Custom Recovery in Galaxy S3 and since I’ve not posted anything regarding installation of custom Recoveries, Google would be the best place for you to rely on.

Step 3 : Download The Files and other important stuff

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If you’ve already downloaded the Files then well and good but if you have not Downloaded the ROM, what you have to do is Just transfer it to your SD card or Phone storage. If it’s not downloaded yet, then better download it, else it would just be a waster of time. Because you would have a Rooted Phone, Recovery installed but no ROM to install.

Step 4 : Reboot/Boot into Recovery Mode.

Once you have a Rooted Galaxy S3 with a Custom Recovery installed in it and the above files downloaded you can begin with the core part of this post i.e Flashing Android Lollipop in S3 using a Custom Recovery. To begin with : Boot/Reboot into Recovery Mode. in case you don’t know the shortcuts for rebooting your Phone into recovery mode then follow : “Reboot into Recovery Mode without Pressing keys”

Step 5 : Flash Android Lollipop in Galaxy S3

After Rebooting into recovery mode, depending on the Recovery installed you will see Different options but the motive would be same,

In case of CWM Recovery you will find an option asking you to install zip from SD card, click on it and select the ROM from the directory where you stored it, It’s always recommended to keep it to the outermost directory but depending on the mind-set we may place it to some other directory. Once you Find the File click on Install and wait for the recovery to flash the ROM. Once you see that the Lollipop ROM was flashed successfully, you go back to the main menu and clear cache and dalvik cache and once done with it, reboot the phone.

In case of TWRP Recovery you would find the option of “Install” click on it and it would ask you for “Install Zip” click on it and then select the ROM from the storage location, After that clear cache and dalvik cache and reboot the phone.

Once you reboot the Phone, you would see a Different Boot Animation than before and you would also note that the first boot would take some time which would be followed by optmizing apps and other stuffs. Once done with all these stuff you’ve successfully installed Android Lollipop in Galaxy S3.

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