Android Lollipop is one of the sweetest Android OS updates that have ever took place as it brings in the concepts of material design and a Flat UI which is loved by users. Yesterday I posted about Installing CM12 Android Lollipop in Galaxy S5 and today I’m posting out “How to install CM12 Android Lollipop in HTC One Max” So without wasting a second Let’s begin with installation of the Android Lollipop ROM in HTC One Max.


How to Install CM12 Android Lollipop in HTC One Max

Well installation of CM12 Android Lollipop in HTC One Max isn’t tough, but for your information Let me tell you that the Official Android Lollipop OTA update would arrive for the HTC One Max, but for now the time of arrival is not known, so if you are someone who wants your phone to be in warranty and want to install Android Lollipop without Rooting then, you wait for sometime and once the update will be live just install it. But some people like me love enjoying things before the releases so I would be happy even if I lose my warranty to get Android Lollipop in my Phone.

[alert-note]Disclaimer : In case any damage or problem occurs while or after installation of custom ROM, Neither Droidmen nor the Author will be responsible.[/alert-note]

Things Required :

Once you are ready with all these stuff, then we can proceed with the installation of Android Lollipop in HTC One Max, The Download links are tested before being posted, but in case if you find any problems in links such as broken links or link expired then do notify me.

Step 1 : Download the CM12 Lollipop ROM and GAPPs for HTC One Max

Well, I’ve already linked the files above but still, if you didn’t decide to install the ROM when you were above and are now thinking to install Lollipop in HTC One Max, then Follow the below links to Download :

Once you’ve downloaded the ROM and the Google Apps Package, Transfer it to the SD Card if you downloaded the Files using the Computer System, if you downloaded it via Mobile Phone then copy it to the outermost directory of the SD Card.

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Step 2 : Reboot into Recovery Mode

Once you’ve downloaded the Files from the above link and have it stored it in your SD Card then begin with the installation by booting your Phone into recovery mode. If you already have a Custom Recovery Like : CWM or TWRP Recovey installed then begin, else install a Custom Recovery and then begin installing the Lollipop ROM for HTC One Max, this is to avoid any problems regarding the installation of the ROM. If you don’t know the key combinations for booting into recovery mode then follow : How to reboot into recovery mode without pressing keys

In case of ClockWorkMod Recovery, click on Install Zip File and then select the CM12 Android Lollipop ROM and begin with the installation of the zip file, once you’ve installed the ROM, go back to install zip file and select the Google Apps which you downloaded from the above link and then again install it. Once you install both, just clear the cache and dalvik cache to avoid run-time problems while using Lollipop ROM.

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In case of TWRP Recovery, click on install and then select the zip files to be installed, the advantage of having TWRP recovery would be you can install multiple zip files together. So add both the files, but note, first install the Lollipop ROM and then the Google Apps. Once you’ve flashed both the files successfully, you can clear the cache and dalvik cache and reboot into system.

Step 3 : Reboot into System.

Once you’ve flashed and successfully cleared the cache and Dalvik cache and rebooted into the system, setup your Google account by entering all the details. Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed Android Lollipop (CM12) in HTC One Max. You can have a look at the interface and experience the Android Lollipop’s material design and unlocked API’s on your Phone.

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