Blekota Note 4 ROM has been one of the best roms for the Galaxy S3. It gave user a stock android experience with the features that came in with the high-end Galaxy Note 4. Recently Samsung launched the Galaxy S6 and Blekota has also upgraded the Blekota Note 4 to version 4.5 which allows the Galaxy S3 user to experience the Galaxy S6 Lollipop System UI.

Galaxy S6 ROM for Galaxy S3 - Blekota Note 4 V4.5{adinserter 3}The Galaxy S6 Lollipop System UI came with the Blekota Note 4 ROM v4.4 but it wasn’t smooth, it made the S3 Feel sluggish and not all the apps got the Lollipop’s material UI. The version 4.4 allowed user to select the type of installation they wanted i.e. While Flashing the ROM one was able to select whether the user wanted the Note 4’s KitKat UI or the Galaxy S6’s Lollipop System UI.  Here I’ll be guiding you with the steps to install the Galaxy S6’s Android Lollipop System Based Blekota ROM on your Galaxy S3.

How to Install Blekota Note 4 v4.5 Galaxy S6 Android Lollipop ROM on Galaxy S3?

The ROM works perfect and is lags less, but at times it behaves sluggish and kills the user experience, Just a restart solves the problem. The app has new “Dialer”, “Messaging app”, “Settings App” and many more changes in the working. It gives Android Lollipop system experience to the Galaxy S3 user but isn’t actually Android Lollipop.  Want to Flash the ROM? Let’s begin with the steps. Before beginning with the steps, it is recommended to download the pre-requisites listed below.


  • Galaxy S3 International Smartphone. [Rooted]
  • Blekota Note 4 ROM v4.5 (Galaxy S6 Lollipop System)
  • Custom recovery installed (TWRP recommended)

Step 1: Root your Galaxy S3 and Flash a Custom recovery.

Custom Recoveries make flashing a custom ROM easy, It saves the user from typing a lot of codes to perform the action of flashing. In case you already have a recovery installed then proceed ahead, in case you don’t have the custom recovery installed you can follow the guide: “Flash TWRP Recovery on Galaxy S3” and return back here.

Rooting is the process through which a normal user could access the SuperUser inside your Android Phone. We are trying to install a custom ROM so root access is must, in case you don’t have access to the root, you won’t be able to proceed ahead. In case you already have a rooted galaxy s3 and custom recovery installed in it then proceed to step 2, and if you don’t have then learn rooting your Galaxy S3 and come back here.

Once you’ve flashed the TWRP recovery/any custom recovery and rooted your Galaxy S3 then head towards the step 2. If not complete step 1 and continue.

Step 2: Download Blekota Galaxy S6 ROM for Galaxy S3 and Store it on External Storage.

The Blekota Note 4 ROM v4.5 (Blekota S6 ROM) is the ROM you are going to install on your Galaxy S3, I’ve already linked the ROM in the pre-requisites. Download the ROM and place it on the root directory of the external storage.

You are not supposed to extract the zip file, transfer the zip file directly to your Galaxy S3’s external storage. If you don’t have external storage then you can transfer the file to the Internal storage of your device.

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Step 3: Reboot into Recovery Mode and Flash the ROM.

Once you are ready with the ROM and have completed the above steps then we can begin the flashing process, Boot into recovery mode by pressing and holding the “Power + Volume UP + Home Button” simultaneously. In case you aren’t able to boot into recovery mode then you can learn: “Boot into recovery mode without pressing buttons”.

Once you enter into the recovery, just click on “Install zip”, find the Blekota Note 4 v4.5 ROM which you’ve downloaded and stored. Find the file and swipe the slider to right and flash the ROM and then a GUI will appear which will ask you to agree with some terms. It will allow installation in two types:

  • Installing ROM without wiping data  (Just uninstalls the System and Flashes with new system and apps you want, this doesn’t delete your already existing apps.)
  • Installing ROM with Full WIPE. (Deletes everything and installs all the files)

It is recommended to use with “FULL WIPE” if you are shifting from some another ROM to this ROM, in case you are just upgrading from the older version of the same ROM then you can select the Installing without wiping of Data.

That’s it, keep following the instructions on the screen and choose the options based on the way you want things to be. After the ROM is flashed, you will be asked to reboot.

The First reboot will take some time have patience and wait for it to completely reboot. That’s it you’ve successfully installed the Galaxy S6 Android Lollipop System UI with Apps on your Galaxy S3. I’ve personally been using the ROM on my Galaxy S3 and haven’t faced any issues till now, but noticed that in case your storage gets full, this ROM would begin acting sluggish!

Some Screenshots of Galaxy S6 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S3.

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