Previously in one of my article I posted about installing CM-Resurrection Remix Android Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S3, The guide allowed to install an Android Lollipop AOSP based custom rom for your Galaxy S3, However since Android Lollipop still has many unsolved bugs, the ROM was not at all stable.  In this guide I’ll be sharing with you the steps to install the Blekota Note 4 ROM for your Galaxy S3.

Install Blekota Note 4 ROM in Galaxy S3

Not much time has passed since the Galaxy Note 4 has been launched, and the developers have ported the Galaxy Note 4 Android KitKat Based ROM for the Galaxy S3. The Blekota ROM for Galaxy S3 don’t have the S-Pen features which would work with the Galaxy S3 as the S3 doesn’t have a S-Pen. Let’s begin with the steps to install Blekota Note 4 Rom in your Galaxy S3, so that you enjoy the features of Galaxy Note 4 in your Galaxy S3.

Steps to Install Blekota Note 4 ROM in Galaxy S3?

Before beginning with the steps to install the Galaxy Note 4 Blekota ROM in Galaxy S3, Let me tell you that this ROM works only with the International Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300) However, if you try installing it in another devices it won’t flash, and in case it gets flashed then you will find your device bricked, so don’t follow this guide unless you are sure that you are having the International Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Things Required :

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 [International version GT-i9300]
  • Blekota Note 4 Rom for S3.
  • Google Apps
  • Custom Recovery Installed.

Step 1 : Root and Install a Custom Recovery in your Galaxy S3.

Rooting : Rooting is a process through which one can obtain access to the superuser, super user is a special user in an android phone which comes with special rights and without the permission of it one cannot perform installation of custom roms or recoveries in the Smartphone. If you’ve not rooted your Galaxy S3, then you may follow the “Root your Galaxy S3 without Computer” and once you root your Galaxy S3, you will have to install a Custom Recovery in your Galaxy S3.

Installing Custom Recovery in Galaxy S3 : Installing the custom recovery in your Galaxy S3 allows you to see a GUI which would save you from typing codes, without talking much about in detail, for installing the Blekota Note 4 Rom in Galaxy S3. It is recommended to install TWRP Recovery in your S3, you may install CWM or Philz recovery.

Step 2 : Download the Blekota Note 4 ROM and Google Apps.

For getting the Note 4 Features in your Galaxy S3, you will need to install the ROM and to install the ROM you first need to Download the ROM. I’ve linked the Blekota Note 4 ROM for Galaxy S3 above, you can download it from there. The ROM would work even without Google Apps but, it won’t feel pleasant to use an Android phone without google apps, Hence I would recommend you to Download the Google apps . Once you download them, store them in your SD Card and continue with the next step.

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Step 3 : Reboot/Boot into Recovery Mode and Flash the ROM

After storing the Blekota ROM and Google Apps in your SD card. Boot into recovery mode, if you don’t know the key combinations for booting your phone into recovery mode the you can follow the guide : “Reboot into recovery mode without pressing key combinations”. Once you boot/reboot into recovery mode follow the next step.

Step 4 : Flash the Blekota Note 4 ROM and Google Apps in S3.

So after entering to recovery mode you will be shown different options depending on the recovery you have installed, as recommended above use “TWRP recovery” as it has various options and some advantages above the other recoveries. Just go to Wipe, and Click on Factory Reset, once you factory reset the device, come back to the Main Screen of the recovery. Then click on Install Button, and select the Blekota Note 4 ROM and once it gets flashed, there will be various options coming in a Material GUI, select the options as per your wants and then reboot your Phone.

Once it gets rebooted, Boot into recovery mode again and flash the Google Apps. Once done with the Google Apps, Reboot into system and follow the samsung startup instructions listed on the screen, that’s it folks, you’ve successfully flashed the Blekota Note 4 Rom in your Galaxy S3.

Facing Any Issues? Why shy? Post the issue, The best of us will be given to solve the issue.

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