As a web designer in this fast-moving digital space, it’s very easy to get carried away by new and shiny objects that may come disguised as updates or new tools thereby draining your level of productivity.

Increasing productivity as a web designer has to do with finding the middle ground between digital tools that would hasten your workflow and process while also eliminating unnecessary things craving for your attention. The productivity tips shared here have been explained in simple terms such that you can easily memorize them and integrate them into your daily process.

  • Have a to-do list

As basic as this may come off, not having a roadmap of things you need to do is the number one recipe for distraction. A to-do list will not just help you take note of what you need to do but will kickstart the mental process of you arranging tasks in order of not only delivery priority but also according to your efficiency.

I would recommend that you sign up on to start organizing your tasks. The beautiful thing about is that it helps you mark the status of your work whether it’s done or pending as well as share your work status with your co-workers if you’re working in a team.

  • Use Web Design UI Kits

As a team member in a company that does web design in Nigeria, I can speak from experience on how UI kits have saved our lives times and over again. There are times when we’ve literally gone to create very custom designs and the clients just want to see what they’re used to when they visit other sites. Rather than making a million design iterations and going through a lot of back and forth, web design UI kits have helped us create multiple options for client consideration in record time as opposed to doing everything from scratch.

  • Create a Library of Code Snippets

This is more on the web development side of things compared to design. Having code snippets of problems that are recurring is a very wise and time-saving thing to do. As a web designer or developer, doing some things, again and again, can paralyze your productivity and creativity when you know doing it once and then tweaking as needed for each project is the right thing to do.

You can create a Github account and have your library there if you don’t trust your personal computer enough.

  • Avoid Burnout: Take Breaks

This one applies to everyone that works. Taking breaks is usually disregarded in work environments that are used to late nights and all. Most of the time, web designers have to deliver on work urgently and breaks are often thrown out of the window. What this causes is a workplace full of uninspired designers that can’t think straight because they haven’t had enough rest. Always remember the place of rest as not being all the way active on the job can lead to loss of efficiency that may cost both the designer pr developer and the company.

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