Transparency is a quality that requires being open and honest. It is a trait every employer must possess as it always gives room for new perspectives, opinions, and better insight.

In this article, we’ll reveal the five (5) best ways to improve transparency in the workplace. These include:

  1. Frequent Honest Communication and Engagement
  2. Employees’ Involvement in Decision Making
  3. Provide Access to Information
  4. Always have a “why.”
  5. Appreciation and Encouragement

1. Frequent Honest Communication and Engagement

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Communication at work is an essential tool to boost employees’ morale, satisfaction, and productivity. Constant honest and open dialogue tailored to building stronger bonds is one of the great ways to improve transparency in the workplace. Employees want to know how valuable they are to be sure they are on the right team. Bosses who regularly check in on their team and communicate openly and honestly are more often heard and considered credible and transparent.

Heads at workplaces should therefore adopt measures of checking in on their employees frequently for proper monitoring. And in times of challenges, they should adopt offering them helping hands and communicate their expectations effectively. This will foster solid bonds and improve workplace transparency.

2.   Employees’ Involvement in Decision Making

As an employer or a team leader in your workplace, it’s better to involve others in your decisions than make them yourself. According to Harvard Business School, involving your team in decisions greatly benefits the entire organization. When the whole team is present to make a decision, there will be the right mix of expertise, skills and traits at the table. This approach aids better decisions, and most importantly, every member feels more valuable, thereby improving transparency among the team.

This involvement can be done in several ways. Sometimes, sending out a quick poll to get responses on a subject will do the trick. In other cases, you might need to hold a meeting for a brainstorming session to make a collaborative decision. This involvement approach not only provides you with the best decisions but will also scale up the transparency level in your workplace.

3. Provide Access to Information

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In most organizations, employers don’t make information available to employees, which is not a good idea. Although, some information must not be made public. But, employees must not be denied the valuable tips required at the workplace.

To improve transparency in the workplace as a head, it will be best if you can make more information available to the employees and provide access to them. Documenting a company’s policies and ensuring they are readily available to every member to access is a simple but effective approach to fostering honest communication and transparency.

4. Always Have A “Why”

According to Harvard Business School, making decisions is one of the vital day-to-day responsibilities of a manager. Whether implementing a new strategy or delegating tasks, every manager’s daily choices significantly impact the organization’s success. So, when making your decisions, always have a why. Let people see the reasons behind your choices. This gives them an insight into your ideas and creates an open environment for honest communication, thereby improving your workplace’s transparency.

Remember, as a leader, challenges will come your way. Sometimes, your team will not agree with you on your decisions. It would be best if you always thought of it as an opportunity to learn and develop yourself more and not an attack on you.

5. Appreciation and Encouragement


You’ve probably heard that frequent appreciation and encouragement are essential. If done in the workplace, it aids employees’ recognition. This provides every member of your team with the required drive to achieve more. When people are encouraged by their little efforts, not only will they be motivated to put in more energy, but it will also reveal to them how transparent and passionate you are about their success.

According to a recent poll by Tjinsite, more than 35% of workers consider a lack of appreciation and encouragement in their workplace the biggest threat to their productivity. So, as a leader, seize every opportunity to show appreciation and encouragement to your team. While you take account of how they perform at work, try to appreciate those with excellent performance and encourage those doing less. Ensure to provide them with all necessary tools to improve their strength and aid their success. This approach will not only motivate them but will also improve workplace transparency and embrace high performance culture.

Final Thoughts

Transparency in the workplace is never an option; it’s a must. Every employee expects their employers to be as open and transparent as possible. This will positively impact their morale and engagement at work. Follow the tips explained above to improve transparency in your workplace.

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