Hard Reset is one of the safest way to Remove all the things in your Phone. There are many times when we need to do the “Hard Reset” but the reasons may differ. I’ve added the Reasons to Hard Reset the Sony Xperia Z3. So the Hard Reset would keep the Sony Xperia Z3 clean and would be smooth like butter when used.

Sony Xperia Z3 hard reset

In this post I’ll guide you How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z3. Making a Hard Reset in your Phone is very easy thing to do and is almost same for all the Android Devices. So now without wasting time lets move into the guide where you will be guided on “How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z3”

Why to do a Hard Reset in the Sony Xperia Z3?

Well there can be uncountable reasons which can make you do Hard Reset on the Sony Xperia Z3 Phone, not only making it narrow to Xperia Z3, there are many reasons for performing a Hard Reset in any Smartphone. Some of the reasons will be listed by me below, you can have a look at those and later suggest me if I missed some.

  • Battery Drainage Problem
  • Installation of Custom ROMs.
  • Phone hangs frequently.
  • Phone runs slowly.
  • Some Charging issue due to some unwanted App.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader.
  • Overclocking of the CPU and many more reasons.

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Method 1

  1. Start the Phone Menu
  2. Open Settings option
  3. Navigate towards Backup and Restore option
  4. Click on Factory Data Reset
  5. Select Erase Phone » Erase Everything.
  6. An Alert will popup, Agree the alert and within sometime you will see that the Sony Xperia Z3 is Completely Clean.
    That’s it you’ve successfully made a Hard Reset.

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Method 2

Well the Method 1 was easy to do and could have been easy to cope up with rather than going through this method, but sometimes there might be something wrong which won’t allow you to make a Hard Reset from the Settings option using the Method 1 so you can follow this method if you are such a victim.

  • Put the Smartphone in Recovery Mode, Don’t know How to enter into Recovery Mode ? Follow this guide which will enable you to enter into recovery mode without pressing any key combinations.
  • Click on Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Confirm it by pressing “Yes”.
    It will now Format all your Data and make a Factory Reset, you can also clear cache and dalvik cache after it completes Wiping the data.
  • After completing the tasks listed above, you can Reboot into your Phone by pressing “Rebooting System now”
  • Your Done! Now you could see that the Sony Xperia Z3 is completely empty and looks as if you are using the Phone for the first time, though not from the “Look” point of view.

Both the methods work almost for all the Android Phone’s available in the market, but there might be some changes in Some options and as I wanted to focus on Sony Xperia Z3 so I’ve written about the steps that will be used in it! That’s all folks.

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