As all knows WhatsApp is one of the most used Instant messaging service, WhatsApp was the first instant messaging app which transformed the “Text” sending trend to “Chat”. Though Facebook was up with Facebook Chat, but WhatsApp grew among the non-techie users at a very quick rate and is still growing.The use of WhatsApp is now not just limited to people who chat, these days there are lots of people who do their Business through WhatsApp, some do sales using WhatsApp and some people also use it to get assignments, images, shopping photographs etc.

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Being an Android Site owner, I wanted to know How WhatsApp works? and while studying the way it works, I came across something called WhatsApp Password. However not many people know that there is a Password for our “WhatsApp Account” also. Yes! There is a secret password which comes into picture while you register for WhatsApp for the first time. However, every time you shift to a new Device, the Password automatically gets recovered and it is changed to some random password. So interested to know what your WhatsApp Password is? Here are the steps you should follow to get access to your “WhatsApp Password”.

How to Get WhatsApp Password?

There are several ways through which you can retrieve your WhatsApp Password, However some of them requires some good amount of programming knowledge, where some require good knowledge with scripts and some of the methods don’t work as well. However I will suggest you the easy way, not a way also, its just an App Install and Click on Extract button, that’s it! You will get your WhatsApp Password Automatically!

[alert-announce]Disclaimer : Before beginning with the steps let me tell you that, this method of retrieving your WhatsApp Password Requires Access to Root. So a Rooted Smartphone is required.[/alert-announce]

Steps to Extract WhatsApp Password :

Get WhatsApp Password From Password Extractor

  1. Download the Password Extractor Tool. (MGP25 Official APK)
  2. Start the Password Extractor Tool and Give Allow SuperUser to Access this App.
  3. After allowing superuser to access click on “Extract” button.
  4. You will see some Alpha-numeric Text on the Screen. That is your WhatsApp Password, However it would be difficult for you to note it, so just share it to your Mail or any other network.

That’s it! You’ve successfully retrieved/extracted your WhatsApp Password. Now you might be thinking where could this be used? Well there are different applications of this password, you can use this password to use WhatsApp on WebServer or you can use it to do some tests on WhatsApp.

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