We tend to lose phones in several ways. You could be pickpocketed; your phone could fall into a pool or even run over by a car. Whichever the case, your phone has to be replaced as staying without a phone in the digital era is nearly impossible. There is, however, one problem: smartphones can be a bit pricey. The good news is that you do not have to buy a brand new phone.

There are tons of refurbished and used phones that you can get at very affordable prices. That is the most obvious advantage of buying a used phone. Besides that, it will be easy for you to upgrade to a better gadget. But, you will only get to enjoy the benefits if you get a good phone. Here are the factors to consider as you buy used phones.

1. Know when to buy

When would be the best time to buy a used phone? It would be just after a manufacturer rolls out a successor. If you have been eyeing a particular series, this will be the perfect time to get a used phone that is in excellent shape and is affordable. Note that there is the early adopters kind of consumers. The moment a successor comes out, they will not hesitate to dispose of their phones and go for the latest generation. At this time, it will be easy for you to get good deals. With this, you only need to keep up with the smartphone calendar.

2. Consider the source

Not every seller present in the market is genuine. You should, therefore, be on the lookout for scammers. Only shop from trustworthy sites. Well, as much as it may be challenging to distinguish who is genuine and who is not, doing the due diligence will go a long way in saving you from the pain of going home with a dysfunctional phone. You might want to check the reviews: which you should also be careful about; some sellers use fake reviews.

The best thing to do is to go to suppliers that will give you a warranty. That is the best guarantee for your phone working as expected.

3. Compare the prices

The catch about busying used phones is getting a superior model at a fair deal. There would, therefore, be no point in missing out on the best deals available. Do your research. Thanks to eCommerce, comparison shopping has become so easy, and it will not take you too long before you find a seller that matches your budget.

4. Never go for abused phones

There is a big difference between a used and abused phone. An abused smartphone has gone through all manners of affliction. We are talking about scratched screens and home buttons issues. Note that such problems weigh down the functionality of the phone: you are better off with a used phone that is as good as new.

With the checklist above, nothing should stop you from getting the best used smartphone deals.

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