Custom Recoveries have a lot many features over the stock Android recovery. Do you know how to flash TWRP with Odin? Get the guide from here.

The limited features of the Android recovery is the reason why users prefer install TWRP with Odin for Custom Recoveries.

How to Flash TWRP with Odin?

The custom recoveries help in rooting and installing of new custom Roms and kernels. TWRP is one of the best custom recoveries which comes with very less chances of causing damage to the device while flashing a custom ROM or a kernel.

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how to flash twrp with odin
Install TWRP Recovery In Galaxy S3 using ODIN

The 2012’s Samsung flagship, though old but is still being used by a large number of users. Samsung stopped sending updates after Android 4.3 Jellybean to the International Samsung variant and hence officially one couldn’t install anything after Android 4.3 Jellybean.

How to Download Flash TWRP?

This is one reason why the galaxy S3 users are in ‘thoughts’ to root their phones on how to flash TWRP with Odin download. Rooting their phone would enable you to install custom roms and kernels. So you can even install the latest Android version i.e. Lollipop for your Galaxy S3. Custom Recovery helps in rooting with an ease.

So now we know the reason why we would install a custom recovery in the Galaxy S3, but why TWRP? I’ve been using S3 from a long time and have used CWM and Philz recovery. Whenever I flashed new roms using these recoveries most of the time.

I saw was boot loops and wasn’t able to install roms on my galaxy s3 but with TWRP’s recovery I’ve faced such issues very less number of times. That’s the reason why I prefer and would suggest users how to flash TWRP with Odin.

Steps to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy S3 using ODIN

Odin is a great tool which allows a Samsung user to do lot of stuff from their PC. In case of most of the issues with your Samsung smartphone you can use ODIN and flash the stock firmware.

It allows you to flash ROMs and root scripts and img files etc. Since this guide is only for flashing TWRP recovery into your Galaxy S3 using ODIN, I’ll only show the steps to install the TWRP recovery.

Things Required :

  • Galaxy S3 [more than 80% charge]
  • Samsung USB Drivers.
  • TWRP Recovery IMG File.
  • Samsung ODIN v3.09
  • USB Cable

Step 1 : Download the Samsung Drivers, TWRP Recovery and ODIN and Install them.

The Samsung Drivers will be used for communication between your device and the ODIN in your computer system.

Without the drivers your device won’t be able to interact with the ODIN Tool. Install the Samsung drivers in your system once you download them, on successful installation restart your windows system.

The TWRP Recovery IMG file consists of the flash TWRP with Odin Recovery which we will be flashing on our Galaxy S3, since this is what we are flashing we need this, in case you don’t have it then you won’t be able to flash anything. Download and install TWRP with Odin it and store it some place where you will be able to remember.

ODIN is the tool which would save you from writing lines of codes to push the recovery into your phone, however it has a clean GUI which will be easy to use, even if you are new to the tool. Download the ODIN tool and install in your computer system.

Once you are ready with all these stuff head to step 2.

Step 2 : Start ODIN and Boot your Device into Download Mode.

Start the ODIN and you will see a new GUI screen in front of you. After installing and running ODIN, Turn off your Galaxy S3 boot it into Download mode by holding Power + Volume UP button.

After booting into download mode you will be asked whether you would like to boot into Download mode or cancel on your screen. You will have to use the Volume UP button to “Confirm booting into Download mode” and volume down in case you don’t want to boot into download mode.

After booting into download mode connect your Galaxy S3 with your PC and on the left side of the ODIN screen you will see Device added showing up, in case it doesn’t shows up re-install the drivers.

Step 3: Install TWRP with Odin [Final Steps]

Now click on “AP” tab and  select the Recovery IMG file which you’ve downloaded from the above link and after selecting the IMG File click on “Start”. Once the recovery install TWRP with Odin is finished disconnect the device from the device.

To check whether the recovery is installed in your smartphone turn off your smartphone and “Press Volume UP + Home Button + Power Key”, you will see the flash TWRP with odin Recovery installed in your Galaxy S3.

Final Thought

Note: These steps remain the same with any Samsung smartphone, only the recovery image file changes, So in case you are planning to install TWRP with Odin recovery in any of the samsung galaxy smartphones then you can just download the recovery image file for your device and continue with the process.

Get more interesting things about how to flash TWRP with Odin in Android keep connected with How to section.

  1. ive done the twrp install but phone not starting up still I get the whole menu thing with the options but not sure what I need to do next to fix s3 any help or a how to after this bit id be gratefull email me if poss to [email protected] thanks

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